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1 Shabbat Story

Shabbat Ki Tavo 5781

Take the Jewelry, Leave Me the Baby


In 1943, in Poland, a group of Jews was taken to an extermination camp. The Jews take with them what they want to save, but one of the Nazi officers shouts at the Poles: "You can take everything that these Jews leave ! They will not come back !". Two Polish women then see a Jewish woman wearing a particularly beautiful and expensive coat. Deciding to "take the chance" to seize it, they push the lady on the floor, tear off her coat, and then run off. When they are far enough away, they start to ransack the pockets of the coat to see what is there, what they will be able to share. And they find, indeed, several precious objects. Suddenly, one of them notes that the coat is particularly heavy, even after they apparently  remove everything of it. One moment later, she realizes, very surprised, that in one of the pockets of the coat is hidden... a baby !

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