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Halacha Time

Halacha Time is your Daily Learning Program!

Once a day, get one halacha (Jewish law) video taught by our experienced Rabbis. Each video only lasts 5 minutes! When finished, fill out a short quiz to test your knowledge.

Thanks to “Halacha Time”, you are able to fulfill your obligation of setting a daily Torah learning time.

As Maimonides wrote: “Every Jew has the obligation to learn Torah, whether rich or poor (...) even a beggar or the head of a large household has the obligation to set a daily Torah learning time (...)


1 - Which of the following is the reason why we verbally annul all chametz after we have checked to ensure that there is no chametz in the house?

2 - After the burning of any chametz that we have, why is it necessary to annul all chametz in our possession?

3 - Where chametz was left over after breakfast on the eve of Pesach, which of the following statements is correct?

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Halacha Time: the last classes

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