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Rabbanite Esther BITENSKY

Rabbanite Esther BITENSKY

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Enjoying The Paths of Torah

Sunday December 1st, 2019
Women video

The Value of a Woman's Tefilot

Sunday November 10th, 2019
Women video

Step By Step

Wednesday September 18th, 2019
Women video

Recognizing Our True Value

Tuesday September 3th, 2019
Women video

Making Our Homes a Place for the Shechina

Monday August 26th, 2019
Women video

Supporters of Torah Are Equals to Those Who Learn It

Monday August 19th, 2019
Women video

Help our Family Finding True Inner Happiness

Wednesday August 14th, 2019
Women video

Tisha B'Av: Recognizing Hashem's Love During the Galut

Sunday August 11th, 2019
Fast of the 9th of Av video

Slope of Mizbeah - Altar as a Guide on How to Grow in Torah

Tuesday August 6th, 2019
Women video

Educating Children: Lessons We Can Learn from the Aron and Kruvim

Wednesday July 24th, 2019
Women video

Kindness Is a Pillar for this World

Sunday June 30th, 2019
Women video

Educating Children: Insights from the Michkan and Hafrachat Halla

Monday June 24th, 2019
Educating Children video

Patting Ourselves on the Back

Sunday June 16th, 2019
Women video

Chavuot : Kabbalat Torah for Ladies

Thursday June 6th, 2019
Women video

Cheap: Paying a High Price

Sunday June 2nd, 2019
Women video

One Action 80 Years Later

Sunday May 26th, 2019
Women video

Talk to Hashem

Sunday March 10th, 2019
Women video Account

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