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Jewish Holidays 2021/2022 (5782)

Jewish Holidays 2021/2022 (5782) - New York

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Holiday Date Start End
Chanuka (8th day)Sun. 5th December in the evening17:06
Fast of the 10th of TevetTue. 14th December05:4417:07
Tu BiShvatSun. 16th January in the evening
Fast of EstherWed. 16th March05:4519:37
PurimWed. 16th March in the evening
PesachFri. 15th April in the evening19:1720:20
Pesach (2nd day)Sat. 16th April in the evening20:2020:21
Chol Hamoed PesachSun. 17th April in the evening
Chol Hamoed PesachMon. 18th April in the evening
Chol Hamoed PesachTue. 19th April in the evening
Chol Hamoed PesachWed. 20th April in the evening
Pesach (7th day)Thu. 21th April in the evening19:2320:27
Pesach (8th day)Fri. 22th April in the evening19:2420:28
Pesach SheniSat. 14th May in the evening
Lag BaOmerWed. 18th May in the evening
Omer CountdownFri. 3th June in the evening
Shavuot EveSat. 4th June in the evening21:1321:14
Shavuot (2nd day)Sun. 5th June in the evening21:1421:15
Fast of the 17th of TammuzSat. 16th July03:5521:05
Fast of the 9th of AvFri. 5th August in the evening20:0620:43

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