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Sagittarius : A Light Chasing Darkness Away

Published on Wednesday November 7th, 2018

The Sagittarius sign (Keshet in Hebrew) corresponds to the month of Kislev (which falls approximately in December). Discover this sign symbolized by an intense light which floods out amidst darkness...


Month : Kislev

Planet: Jupiter

Rock: Turquoise

Number: 8

Natural element: fire

Kislev: When Light Chases Darkness Away

The month of Kislev is the month of darkness par excellence: days are short and nights are long. The cold and darkness seem to oppress the soul which strives for light. But this month also possesses tremendous brightness, for it is in Kislev that G-d showed Noach a rainbow for the first time- bright sign that the curse of the flood was coming to an end- and that the Menorah of the Temple was miraculously lit by the Chashmonaim, like a sign of hope which shines amongst great adversity.

The darkness which this month embodies is not only physical, as we may have guessed, but also spiritual, taping the very essence of the Jewish soul: on Chanukah, which falls on the 25th of Kislev, we remember the dark manner in which the Greeks attempted to assimilate the people of Israel. In the same token, Jupiter, just like Israel, has its light hindered by the presence of two other planets whose influence are poisonous-Saturn and March-located on each of its sides (creating an ark, Keshet in Hebrew).

Chasing Away Darkness by Promoting Hope

The natives of Sagittarius should not be mistaken about their sign: if the latter is represented by the theme of darkness, this obscurity is waiting to get chased away by the bright luminosity of their inherent kindness. Just like the Greeks seduced the Jewish people through beauty and rhetoric, the Sagittarius too appreciates everything related to beauty and has a great power of speech. If his characteristics are channeled in the right direction, the Sagittarius can then shine in every way, even in the case of the greatest adversity.

Just like the brave Chashmonaim who had Emuna (faith in G-d) as their only weapon and overcame the powerful Greek army, the Sagittarius is endowed with a high level of faith. The latter generally allows him to fight all the obstacles that he encounters. The hope that inhabits him allows him to detect and flow out light in times of great despair. It all depends on the Sagittarius’ will and actions, which will allow him, just like the Chashmonaim, to find this “pure flask of oil”, this divine spark deep within and which only asks to be revealed.

Justice, Kindness and… Wrath!

Jupiter is called Tzedek-”justice”- in Hebrew; this is why the Sagittarius is fond of justice, kindness and righteousness and despises everything linked to hypocrisy, lies and corruption.  People born under this sign are prone to give Tzedakah, which spreads goodness and light around them. Always ready to offer a hand, their selflessness is an innate quality that they possess, which is almost vital for them. Just like Jupiter is the biggest planet of the solar system, Sagittarius people are remarkable leaders: they are successful judges, heads of enterprises, managers, teachers, but also educators, guides and even rabbis, which are professions that allow them to exploit their potential to give to the fullest. This is why it is imperative that the Sagittarius channels this character traits in the service of the Torah, in which case he will bloom to the fullest. If this is not channeled properly however, this capacity can lead his surroundings towards sin and decay.

Fire, which is associated to the individuals born under this sign, makes them prone to anger, which boils quietly inside. One must make sure not to arise the Sagittarius’ anger, which can make him a destructive person! 

Similar to the planet associated with his sign, the Sagittarius may see his radiation caught off guard by the negativity surrounding him. He lets himself be undermined often and quickly feels oppressed in stressful situations. This is why it is good that he avoid committing to projects which may appear impossible to achieve nor offer his help without proper judgement.

Five Senses...Even Six!

Sagittarius people possess five particularly developed senses. (This is why they are sensitive to beauty, nice speeches, etc.) They are so developed that we could even call it a sixth sense! Intelligent and vivid, they quickly grasp their fellow’s thoughts, although they themselves avoid to reveal theirs… They make sure to protect their inner world from any external intrusion and cultivate their secret garden with care, which does not mean that they are anti-social, on the contrary.

Family wise, the Sagittarius is generally a soft and flexible educator, who does not like to impose a strong framework to this children, while not letting them become idle. While flexibility is a precious quality, it is preferable that the values which the Sagittarius wants to convey to his kids be maintained within the school framework, during their activities, with their friends, etc.

I’m Improving Myself :

As we have seen, the Sagittarius is a good and straight person, who only seeks to push away the obstacles which prevent his aura to spread around him. In the pursuit of such an objective, the Sagittarius must learn to:

- Make well-considered decisions: giving outwards, outside of his family cocoon, is certainly positive, but it is appropriate to practice awareness, so that his family does not suffer from it;

- Open himself to others: accepting different opinions and stop fearing external intrusions;

- Know his limits : only accept realistic projects and put aside those that are not;

- Fight epicureanism and earthly passions: notably gluttony and sleep, to which he tends to particularly like.

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