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Halacha Time

Halacha Time is your Daily Learning Program!

Once a day, get one halacha (Jewish law) video taught by our experienced Rabbis. Each video only lasts 5 minutes! When finished, fill out a short quiz to test your knowledge.

Thanks to “Halacha Time”, you are able to fulfill your obligation of setting a daily Torah learning time.

As Maimonides wrote: “Every Jew has the obligation to learn Torah, whether rich or poor (...) even a beggar or the head of a large household has the obligation to set a daily Torah learning time (...)

Rav Shlomo COHEN

Thursday January 23th, 2020

The Prohibition to Swear


1 - If there is a contradiction between the litigants in a Jewish court of law, which of the following statements is correct?

2 - Which of the following are included in the warning that is given by the Beit Din before an oath is made?

3 - If one of the litigants in the Beit Din would have been required to swear according to Torah law in order to exempt himself from paying the sum claimed, which of the following statements is correct?

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