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Story: The Baba Sali Calms a Raging Sea

Published on Thursday January 10th, 2019

Once, The Baba Sali was on a boat on the way to Israel, with one of his disciples. On Friday night, while he was in his cabin and he was singing Shalom Aleichem, the boat began shaking because of heavy turbulence. The boat began to capsize dangerously and the captain asked the passengers to get on the rescue boats. His disciple went to warn the Baba Sali, but the tzaddik continued to receive Shabbat with plenty of Kedusha. He drank from the Kiddush wine, and then he asked his pupil to pour the remaining Kiddush wine into the sea. The student climbed onto the deck and, in front of everyone, he poured the wine. Immediately, to everyone's surprise, the sea calmed down. The captain asked what he had done special, but the pupil replied that it was his master who had sent him to spill the rest of the Kiddush wine. The captain went to see the Baba Sali and thanked him, but the Baba Sali replied as Yosef had answered Pharaoh: "It is not me, it is Hashem!" Noticing the holiness and modesty of the tzaddik, the captain asked the whole crew to thank the Baba Sali, however, the Baba Sali asked his pupil to close the cabin door and to tell the crew to praise Hashem!   The mitzvot we do are the best shields against the trials of life! By living with Kedusha and modesty, we too can sanctify the name of Hashem and bring blessings all around us!

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