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Story: A Kosher Pesach in Auschwitz Camp

Published on Tuesday April 7th, 2020

When the Sanz Klausenburger Rebbe was in the concentration camps, he suggested to some of the students who were with him to prepare Matzot for Pesach. In order to do this, they "stole" flour from the camp kitchens. They hid this flour in their barracks. To their great sorrow, the Nazis discovered this treasure a few days before Pesach. Baruch Hashem, the "guilty" ones were not caught, but despair hit them...The Rav didn’t stop comforting his students by promising that they would have, with the help of Heaven, Matzot for Pesach! The students did not know how it could happen, but they trusted their Rebbe.

A few weeks before the end of the war, the allies bombed the German sites. A flour factory was hit, and prisoners were chosen to clear the rubble.

Divine Providence, which had just ordained this first miracle, fulfilled a second one: The Rav and his disciples were chosen from among the prisoners to clear the flour factory!

This allowed them to take some flour and replace their lost treasure. Then, in the evening, they made a small fire (with all the risks involved) to bake the Matzot.

Finally, it was the time for the Seder, and everyone could receive a Kazayit. The Rav recited the Haggadah by heart and they ate the Matzot which represented the bread of freedom. They did not feel like slaves because their souls were completely free.

It should also be noted that not only did the Rav not eat Chametz during the whole festival, but he did not even want to enjoy it. He refused to use his Chametz in exchange for water or vegetables. (This comportment was only fit for the Rebbe who was on such a high spiritual level!).

Rav Emmanuel MIMRAN - © Torah-Box Account

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