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The Seventh Day of Pesach, Segula for Parnassa and Marriage

Published on Thursday April 8th, 2021

The seventh day of Pesach is the last day of the festival of Pesach. This day corresponds to the day of the exodus from Egypt when the people of Israel walked for seven days in the desert as they left Egypt. On the seventh day, Pharaoh, who regretted letting them go, reached up with them. He caught up with them while they were standing by the sea, so they were trapped on all sides, and all Pharaoh and his powerful and experienced army were left to do were to catch up with the Jews and bring them back to Egypt.

The Jewish people felt trapped. The Egyptians would catch up with them and they would be forced back into slavery. What do Jews do in such threatening circumstances? Cries of anguish sprang from their hearts, and they addressed the Master of the world who had led them to that point. "The children of Israel cried out to G-d."

But the Master of the world did not want cries of prayer here, in this situation, there was only one way out of the situation. He ordered Moshe Rabbeinu: "Order the Bnei Yisrael to go. They should just keep on moving.

What? Where to? To Jump into the Water? That is suicide!

But Moshe Rabbeinu, the leader chosen to mediate between the Master of the world and His chosen people, knows how to communicate the message. He explains to them in simple language: the Master of the world wants you to enter the water. "And what will happen next? We will all drown? They are trembling. "This is not your business at all," answered Moshe, "in any case, you are in His hands, what is to happen will happen anyway. "

But Moshe Rabbeinu, the leader chosen to mediate between the Master of the world and His chosen people, knew how to communicate the message. He explained to the people in simple language: The Master of the world wants you to enter the water. "And what will happen next? Will we all drown?'' They were so scared. "You do not need to worry," answered Moshe, "you are in Hashem's hand, and what is to happen will happen anyway."

How do we Understand this? Why Enter the Water?

Although the people had already witnessed miracles and wonders beyond the laws of nature, until that day they had not been asked to do anything. Miracles manifested themselves as a result of G-d's will, after Moshe's warnings to Pharaoh. That day, as they were standing by the sea, for the first time they were asked for to do something, to do something through which they could be saved and would be entitled to the great miracle that was to occur.

What effort on the part of the people was needed for them to be entitled to a great miracle? In such situations, there is a magical answer: Emunah, total faith in the Creator of the world.

Moshe Rabbeinu explained to them: A powerful and authentic Emunah is demanded from you, even to the point of self-sacrifice. The Master of the World wants you to enter the sea with absolute faith and complete confidence that a miracle will take place without a shadow of a doubt.

The chosen people made up of believing, sons of believers, immediately understood what was at stake, and they accepted. They jumped into the water and began to move forward. Water reached their waists and they continued to move forward. The water then reached the necks and they continued to advance, animated by blind faith in the Creator, without any calculation.

Until the miracle happened! The sea split in front of them and they began to walk across the sea as if on dry land.

We will not dwell on the many miracles that took place in the sea, as described by the Midrash. But, unlike the other miracles that the Bnei Yisrael had benefited from until then, all this happened because of one thing: "They believed in G-d and in His servant Moshe."

We know the famous text of our Sages: "To find sustenance is as difficult as the opening of the Sea of Reeds. And also: "Finding a spouse is as difficult as opening the Sea of Reeds''. What is the connection between sustenance, finding a spouse, and the splitting of the Sea of Reeds? This comes to teach us that in all cases, absolute Emunah was/is needed in order to succeed, complete blind faith in the Creator of the universe. The deliverance can then occur.

Our Sages reveal to us that, from the Creation of the world, when G-d created the sea, He made it a condition that when the day would come when the Bnei Yisrael would come out of Egypt and cross the sea, it would split. So why was it so difficult? Why did not it happen immediately when the people arrived at the sea?

The Master of the world wanted the Jewish people to strengthen themselves first in their faith and then deliverance would take place. Although the deliverance is waiting for us at the corner of the street, everything is ready, it only takes Emunah. This was the difficulty here, it took some time for the people of Israel to strengthen themselves in Emunah.


Likewise, to find a spouse, or a job. The deliverance is already ready and at our disposal, but it cannot happen without our Emunah in the Creator of the world who is dedicated to matching couples, feeding the greatest to the smallest creatures.

The books of Chassidus are all of the opinions that the seventh day of Pesach is a very favorable day for deliverance in these two areas: Parnassa and Marriage. It is to these two subjects that it is said that it is as difficult to obtain them, as the splitting of the Sea of Reeds.

On that day, a window of opportunity opens to us, in the wake of the salvation of the people of Israel, and the deliverances that they received is accessible to us. On the day of the splitting of the sea, we can also, each one of us, split our personal sea, which seems to us totally insurmountable. But, as we have explained, by arming ourselves with an unshakeable faith in the Creator of the universe, we can also cross the dry sea.

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