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Rav Kanievsky, the "Tzitzit Detector"

Published on Monday October 11th, 2021

This story was brought to our attention by the brother of a young Chatan who came to Rav Chaim last week, a few days before his wedding, for a blessing from the Rav.Rav Chaim glanced with surprise towards the Chatan and asked. “Why aren't you wearing tzitzit?”

The young groom didn’t know what to answer. Under his suit he was indeed wearing tzitzit. “Rav, I have a tzitzit." he replied gently, and asked again for a Bracha.

Rav Chaim blessed him and returned to his study of the Talmud.

When the young man came out, he had a doubt. Rav Chaim saw in front of him a yeshiva bachur (student learning in a biblical institution) whose entire appearance indicated a man devoted to the Torah, why would he suspect him of not wearing tzitzit?

He discreetly went to the side, sat down, and began counting the threads of his tzitzit. Quickly, it became clear: without even noticing, the threads of his tzitzit were damaged, making them pasul, unsuitable for the mitzvah.

Rav Chaim was absolutely right: thanks to his holy spirit, he felt that the young man in front of him was not wearing tzitzit...

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