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Rabbanite Rachel RUDMAN

Rabbanite Rachel RUDMAN

Biography of Rabbanite Rachel RUDMAN

Mrs. Rachel Rudman has been involved in chinuch for the past 35 years since making aliyah from Brooklyn, N.Y. with her husband, Rabbi Zave Rudman. She teaches classes in Parshat Hashavua, Chumash, the Chashivus of Eretz Yisrael, Chinuch Banim, Marriage from a Torah Perspective, and the Writings of the Sifsei Chaim. She is the Mechanechet of the Shana Bet program at Michlalah and also teaches at Midreshet Tehilla and Chedvas Beis Yaakov. She has been teaching kallahs for over 30 years and is passionate about doing so. Mrs. Rachel Rudman studied at B’not Torah Institute for 2 years, trained as a kallah teacher, earned her B. A. in secondary school Education from SUNY and has dedicated her life to teaching ever since.

Classes List (40)

Is a Life Without Problems a Good Life?

Sunday March 31th, 2019
Women video

Using Words to Build a Marriage

Sunday March 3th, 2019
Women video

Torah Insights On Challenges in Chinukh

Monday February 18th, 2019
Women video

The Middah of Emet in the Torah

Sunday February 10th, 2019
Women video

Emuna & Bitachon: The Influence of Amalek on Our Emuna

Sunday February 3th, 2019
Women video

Why Do People Want to Be Buried in Eretz Yisrael?

Sunday January 13th, 2019
Women video

Enhancing My Life with Emuna and Bitachon

Sunday January 6th, 2019
Women video

Emunat Chachamim Following Our Sages

Wednesday December 5th, 2018
Women video

Sharing a Burden with Your Friends

Sunday November 25th, 2018
Women video

How Do I Perceive Torah?

Sunday November 18th, 2018
Women video

Avraham Avinu & Me

Sunday October 28th, 2018
Women video

Vayeira: The Relationship Between Avraham Avinu and Yishmael

Friday October 26th, 2018
Vayeira video

Lech-Lecha: The Choices We Make

Friday October 19th, 2018
Lech-Lecha video

Chinuch Insights from the Torah

Sunday October 14th, 2018
Women video

Noach: Lessons from Noach' s Ark

Friday October 12th, 2018
Noach video

Emuna & Bitachon: Nurturing Emuna

Sunday September 30th, 2018
Women video

Tishrei: Developing a Relationship With Our Father, Our King (Part 2)

Sunday September 23th, 2018
Women video

Tishrei: Developing a Relationship With Our Father, Our King (Part 1)

Sunday September 16th, 2018
Women video

Vayelech: How Can I Write My Own Sefer Torah?

Friday September 14th, 2018
Vayelech video

Why Do We Eat the Simanim on Rosh Hashanah?

Sunday September 2nd, 2018
Women video

Elul—Overcoming Obstacles to Attaining Our Goals: It’s Up to Me! (part 2)

Monday August 27th, 2018
Women video

Elul—Overcoming Obstacles to Attaining Our Goals (part 1)

Wednesday August 22th, 2018
Women video

The Third Sheva Brachot: Man's Creation

Sunday August 19th, 2018
Women video

Parshat Shoftim: The Power of Sincere Tefila

Thursday August 16th, 2018
Women video

The First Two Sheva Brachot: Emulating Hachem

Sunday August 12th, 2018
Women video

The Joy of Living with an "Ayin Tovah"

Wednesday August 8th, 2018
Women video

Publications List (1)

Special Simanim Recipe for Rosh Hashanah: Dates

Sunday September 2nd, 2018
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