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Honoring Parents

Honoring Parents

The Wheel Turns, You Will Also be a Father…

Published on Monday October 25th, 2021

When, after years of doubt, effort and perseverance, there is a sincere and constructive Teshuva, we want to share it with other members of the family. But how should we go about it? Talk to them, try to convince them with compelling arguments? Take them through the same path as we went? The Torah-Box team shares a story that will answer this question.

It is all these questions that Oren, a young religious student, is trying to answer since he received a phone call from his sister announcing that she's coming to Israel for fifteen days. Oren is happy because he understood fast enough that his sister is only coming to wish him a happy birthday.

His sister lives in Thailand where she follows the courses of a guru, along with other people. She reckons she's found serenity with this group.

Since Oren loves his sister, he decides to take advantage of this heaven-sent vacation so he takes her to a conference by an outstanding orator and who touches the hearts of those who come to listen to him through his words full of love and enthusiasm.

This shall be his birthday present!!!

“For your birthday, I’m willing to attend a lesson. Only one though!” Oren's sister specified.

Her brother was thrilled. He won the first round. The crucial evening was there. When they entered the conference hall, it was already crowded. They eventually found two seats and sat down. Ten minutes passed, then fifteen minutes, twenty minutes and the Rabbi still didn’t appear. After half an hour of waiting, a young man rose and announced to the assembly that the course was cancelled because the Rabbi was stuck in a traffic jam and he wouldn’t be able to be get here in time. The young man continued by asking the participants to remain seated as he will be the one giving the Talmud class which is given regularly in this hall.

Oren however was so disappointed he didn’t not listen to a word the young man had said. He had put all his hopes in this conference. He had expected so dearly that the rabbi could awaken his sister's heart.

She figured she had fulfilled her duty so she decided to leave but Oren asked her to stay.

-It's my birthday present, reminds Oren.

His sister smiled at him and sat back down.

-A lesson in Talmud ? Why not?

The subject of tonight's lesson was the importance of returning a lost object lost to its rightful owner. As time went by the number of participants decreased. At the end of the session, there were only four left.

Her vacation over, Oren's sister returned to Thailand, leaving behind her brother rather disheartened.

Time passed and Oren received a call from his sister, who let out in a cry that she is coming back home for good.

- ”What happened?” Oren asked.

- “We went on a walk with the whole group with our guru talking and giving us advice as usual. When suddenly his foot struck a wallet. He picked it up and put it naturally in his pocket.”

- “So what?” Oren replied.

- “Do you remember the Talmud lesson we listened to and learned the importance of returning an object to its owner?”

- ”Of course I remember.” said Oren.

- “I passed on to my guru the words of the Talmud. He dared to tell me that every object found belongs immediately to the one who finds it. I then replied that what he had just done was outright theft. To which he replied that if I did not agree with his rules, I was free to leave.

“And since I am an obedient student, I took the first ticket back to the fold. Oren,” his sister continued “find me  some Torah classes or lectures because today I am ready to listen and to move forward.”

And all this thanks to what?

Thanks to a cancelled Torah conference to give way to a Talmud lesson whose subject, apparently, might leave a beginner drowsy.

And yet...

The Guardian of Israel does not slumber nor sleep. Only He knows the right phrase, the right word, the opportune time to hit the nail on the head and bring back his lost flock.

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