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Beit Hamikdash

Beit Hamikdash

What Is the Importance of a Beit Hamikdash (Temple)?

Published on Monday December 7th, 2020

Question: What is the benefit of a Temple if we have the Torah and the Mitzvot that direct us?

Answer: The miracles that Hashem performed for us when we left Egypt had an ascending order: the ten plagues, the Egyptians sinking into the Red Sea and the most important one, the gift of the Torah.

Then, however, the Creator saw that the acceptance of the Torah was in danger because even if the Jewish people knew what to do or not to do, if they all followed the Torah separately, it would become forgotten and misinterpreted. This is why it was necessary to dedicate a place that assembles and unifies the entire Jewish nation with each one seeing their neighbors strengthening themselves in their divine service. This had the effect of consolidating the emunah of every Jew, who realized that he was not alone, but was part of a nation.

It is the Temple that guaranteed this reunifying role, the meeting place during the three pilgrimage festivals, a place of intense Tefila, a place of offering sacrifices and bringing atonement to the Jewish people. The strength of many coming together in this place is infinitely more powerful than that of an isolated individual.

It is also this principle that prevails at the meeting of many Jews in places of Tefila and study. Could we imagine Torah not being a public experience, but everyone worshipping on their own? How could it last?

This is even more relevant today. The Prophet Malachi (3.16) foresaw the future of the Jewish people being darkened by innumerable sufferings and gave the following advice: "Nevertheless,worshipers of the Lord urged themselves; the Lord listened and heard, and a record of souvenirs was dedicated to Him for those who feared the Lord and respected His name.”

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