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Story: Honoring Hashem from Within, Even in Ikea

Published on Sunday February 28th, 2021

Yonathan and his parents are in IKEA. They are in the sofas department, looking for an armchair that is both comfortable and resistant to all possible weights and shapes.

While his parents are exploring different options, Yonathan can't understand what is taking his parents so long. ''Can't you just take one of the sofas that are on display?'' Yonathan asked his mother. She answered "You know, the furniture in a home adds a lot to the feeling that one has when living somewhere. One must feel comfortable in one's own home, one must feel complete 'at home.' Everyone has their own tastes and preferences, but any designer will tell you that the way you decorate your home will affect the atmosphere in your home. So, you understand, if we want to feel comfortable in the living room, we must choose the furniture that we like, and ensure that the layout of the room creates an atmosphere that we find favorable. That is why we are not buying the cheapest sofa, but we are putting in the effort to find something that we like''. Yonathan nodded, satisfied with this explanation.

On their way home, Yonatan's father began to speak. "Hmm ... To be honest, I heard a few snippets of the conversation you had earlier. I could not help but listen. This idea that Mummy explained of furniture defining our character is very interesting. In my humble opinion, you discussed great ideas, but you may not have grasped its full depth. To me, renovating our home reminds me of a much bigger project. A project that does not only concern our family but all of the Jewish people. Let me explain! Hashem wants that we make Him a home here on earth.

The very essence of His work is that we use the material means at our disposal to enable holiness to fully reside among us. It is through using the material of this world to accomplish His will that the edifice of G-d is erected. A Mitzvah, and another Mitzvah ... is the Glory of Hashem that is revealed more and more in a concrete way. Today, we are in the final phase of this construction. The walls are already erected, the furniture is already installed. It is now a question of "decorating" the house and embellishing it to make it a perfectly comfortable place and in keeping with the tastes of the One who will inhabit it.

For the expression of the Essence of Hashem to be complete and unlimited, we must honor His will even in the smallest details.

Our role today is, therefore, to perform the Mitzvot in the most beautiful way possible, always seeking to do better. Acting with our heart, flame, and enthusiasm; this is how Hashem's Unity will be revealed in all Its Splendor.

Hoping that the long-awaited Geula arrives speedily, in our days!''

Rav Emmanuel MIMRAN - © Torah-Box Account

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