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Jewish Thinking

6 Holy Things that Are Good to Look At

Published on Tuesday November 17th, 2020

Did you know that, just as the eye is stimulated by negative images, it is also stimulated by positive images? Our Sages tell us that if we focus on holy objects, simply seeing them will instill us with holiness and inspire us to perform the mitzvot better.

For example, can there be something more inspirational than seeing a beautiful sunrise, a colorful flower or the graceful flight of a bird? All these reflect the majesty of the Creator.

Moreover, our Sages tell us that when we contemplate holy objects, the light of our eyes shines and magnifies.

Torah-Box presents you with 6 holy things that you can look at and that will have a positive effect on you:

1. When you look at the face of a Tzaddik, your soul is illuminated by light and holiness. (Degel Machanei Ephraim)

2. Watching the Sefer Torah when it is raised before or after reading the Torah gives us a great sacred light. (Magen Avraham, chapter 134)

3. Looking at the letter "Shin" on each side of the Tefillin shel Rosh (head tefillin) instils us with holiness.

4. Looking at water is good for our eyes. (Ibn Ezra)

5. Looking at the heavens instills fear of Heaven. (Gaon of Vilna)

6. When reciting Kriat Shema during the morning prayer, it is good to look at one's Tzitzit, and to touch them with the eyes while saying "Ureitem ata". (Shulchan Aruch 24: 4)

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