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Jewish Thinking

7 Messages from Autistic People

Published on Thursday March 26th, 2020

1. "I am autistic and I see the world differently from most human beings. I see man as a divine creature. I clearly see the body and the soul, and their connection to the world above. "

2.  "How do you see the divine presence?

A Powerful and sweet light!

Does the divine presence rest on me? Yes!

Then why do not I see it?

Your body prevents you from seeing it."

3."Is this type of communication a form of prophecy?

Not exactly (...)

So, what is it?

A message from G-d. We are not prophets, we are sinners who came back to this world to help Jews see the truth; it's a part of our reparation process. "

4. "You said that for every question you have, you hear G-d's answer. How do you know that it is G-d who is answering you? Maybe it is an angel or a similar entity?

How can one guess or be confused when it comes to the divine word?"

5. "Why do young children die?

There are different reasons for this.

Why did my daughter die?

She was a soul that should have completed her mission, but she did not. Now she has completed her mission, and she is in a pleasant place.

Why did it happen to me?

It happened to you in order to help you get closer to G-d. You only believe in G-d when you can understand life, but know that in this world we understand nothing, and we must have faith, whatever the situation.

If I write a scroll of Torah in her name, will it help her?

She is already in a good place, but it always helps and it will help you too.

How do you know all this, when we do not know everything?

I am not limited by my brain, and the soul sees everything. "

6. "Why did you come into this world?

I must earn the merit of honoring my parents.

What is the meaning of all the misfortunes that have befallen your family? (Three girls were born successively, the first two died at three months, following a severe brain injury, then the third was also born with a brain injury, and is now three months old.)

This is the third time I have come back, but my parents are not changing the way they live.

Parents: What should we change?

You must return to the path of Torah!

7. "When I was introduced to the heavenly court, my sins were piled on a scale, and the pile was so high that I was assigned to the hottest place in Gehinom.

The defending angel, however, placed my Teshuvah on the opposite side of the scale. The balance balanced exactly, and I was told that I could tip the scales to the right side, if I returned to the world as an autistic person, unable to enjoy the pleasures of life; I was also given the opportunity to tell my story (...)

8. "I have been sent to this world as a punishment for my past mistakes. I suffer greatly from my condition, but I fully understand the great wisdom of the divine action.

This action allows the most hardened sinners to get their share of Gan Eden."

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