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Jewish Thinking

A Woman's Discretion Gives Immeasurable Value to Her Actions

Published on Sunday April 11th, 2021

Behind every great man lies a devoted mother. No one saw her actions, no one knows what she did, no one can imagine how much she gave, how much she sacrificed and how much she invested to deserve this wonderful fruit. It is like the foundations of a building or the roots of a tree ... deeply buried, far from the eyes. Hidden. The foundations alone ensure the solidity of an entire building. The higher it is, the deeper and more hidden they must be. "Foundations" mean "inner life", a life that is not distinguishable from the outside. A life in secrecy that is clandestinely played and nobody knows anything about it. No one compliments applaud nor admires. No one imagines what is really happening.

This is why there is a clear difference between a man and a woman. A man lives on the outside. When he understands something that previously escaped him, he feels compelled to share it with others in order to receive their approval. A woman, made of interiority and holiness, has no need to share her link to the Creator with others.

The life of a woman is completely interior, nothing is visible. Even when she prays, she does not exteriorize her feelings with vigorous gestures or sways. Thanks to this quality, she is able to constantly reinforce this strength.

This looks like a pressure cooker whose steam does not escape outside as does steam in a simple pot. Its heat will not be a hundred degrees like that of an ordinary pot, but it will increase gradually to thousands of degrees!

Whenever possible, a man should endeavor not to publicize the acts he performs, so as not to diminish their value, as the water that rises from a hot pot and then reduces its heat.

The work of a woman, carried out secretly, gives inestimable value to her actions. She is able to penetrate the heavens and to merit infinite blessings and heavenly help in her home.

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