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Did You Know, The Reincarnation of The Jewish Soul

Published on Sunday May 19th, 2019

Each one of us has been sent to this Earth with a very specific purpose. However, when it has not been fully accomplished, our soul, in order to access higher spiritual levels in the world of eternity, reincarnates, according to the level of repair required, into 5 types of entities: mineral, vegetable, animal, Jewish man (or woman) or non-Jew (-es). Let's look at these two last cases today.

We all know some non-Jews, masterfully attracted by the deep sense of Judaism and its history from childhood, until they are finally able to work diligently during difficult years to join the people of Israel, and to be able to accept the yoke of the Mitzvot... what strength! From the outside, it seems almost magical. Where does this deep attraction come from? Often, it goes back to an old Jewish root that resurfaces...

But, conversely, a Jewish soul can also undergo the opposite process ... Here is an amazing story from the Torah on this subject.

Story of a Jewish Soul Reincarnated as a Non-Jewish Soul

In Pirkei Avot, Rabbi Antigonus of Socho, one of the links of the oral transmission, is mentioned. He taught, "Do not serve the master (Hashem), to receive the reward (the world to come)" (1, 3). However, two of his students, Zadok and Betos, distorted this injunction, creating two sects that totally negated the immense contribution of the oral Torah (Treatise Baba Batra 115b, Rashi), and relied only on the written Torah. Serious consequences that have an effect until today!

It was then that our famous teacher, Rabbi Antignos, had to come back to repair this fault. In whom was he reincarnated?

In Aristotle, the famous master of non-Jewish philosophy ... (Gilgul Neshamot, 147, Rabbi Menahem Azaria Mipano). Aristotle, about whom the Rambam himself testified that this immense philosopher had arrived at the last level of intelligence and superiority ... before reaching the level of prophecy ... Well, for sure, now we understand this since we know his origin.

Our philosopher, however, did not lead the most righteous life, despite the depth of his teaching, it was a little like "Do what I say, but not what I do! Until his old age, when his soul was being repaired, he met the famous Sage of his time, Rabbi Shimon Hatzadik. Amazed by his immense wisdom, he took upon himself to accomplish the entire Torah, and he converted ... It was then that he wrote a letter to his faithful disciple, Alexander the Great, in which he nullified and banned the whole of his teaching, and he expressed his desire to burn all the books published in his name! (This letter appears in full in the Meam Loez, Parshat Yitro, in the name of "Shalshelet Hakabbala").

But his reparation was not yet complete ... He returned again in the resurrection as King Antoninus, who, despite his position as an idolatrous king, converted to Judaism thanks to Yehuda Hanassi (Gilgulei Neshamot, 147).

What an obstacle course!

This proves to us that this type of reincarnation is quite possible, in order for the soul to reach a complete restoration.

And now, what about a male soul ... can it be reincarnated as a woman?

Story of a Male Soul Reincarnated as a Feminine Soul

Rabbi Yosef Caro, the author of the Shulchan Aruch, was an exceptional person. He was so pure that the Shechina (Divine Presence) came to him when he was learning and told him what to correct in his behavior. He also reported all these exchanges in his book, Magid Mesharim.

Following the loss of his first two wives, one of the teachings of the Shechina was: "G-d is with you. I told you last week the secrets about your first two wives. Now I have come to let you know the secrets about your current wife.

You must know that this woman was, in her previous life, a great Sage. Only he limited his giving of Tzedakah, whether in money or in his willingness to teach others. Therefore, (...) he was reincarnated as a woman...

Therefore, you will see that she distributes a lot of Tzedakah and is also very devoted to your service because she sees that you do everything to spread the Torah ... through this, she is repairing her soul.

However, you will not be able to bear children with her, because you have a masculine soul too. If you ask how she gave birth with her previous husband, know that her previous husband had feminine sparks in his soul. (Ibid, Parshat Vayeshev, the eve of 16 Tevet)

This allows us to understand sometimes the terrible difficulty of having children. But nothing is definitive in heaven, and although it is more difficult, things can happen with the help of Hashem.

So, yes, a man can reincarnate as a woman, or as a non-Jew, and vice versa.

The ways of Hashem are infinite ...

Kol Tuv. 

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