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Five questions about Gilgulim – Reincarnations of the Sou

Published on Tuesday November 5th, 2019

Having recognized the principle of the reincarnation of souls, we often question several related issues in both practical and complex terms. If I have incarnated into different people over various Gilgulim (reincarnations), under which Gilgul will I rise at the resurrection of the dead? And if I have had several wives during my various Gilgulim, which one will rise by my side at the time of the resurrection of the dead?

"Whenever a soul descends on earth, it repairs some specific issue. For example, if in my previous Gilgul I was an irritable man, I must now, in my present gilgul improve the attribute of anger. Everyone receives a Tikkun, a specific area to amend, intrinsically related to his soul. When man completes his Tikkun in a specific area, his soul is perfected. Subsequently, his soul will be distributed (subdivided) into several bodies."

1. How can one soul subdivide into many bodies?

"Sometimes we feel a connection to the soul of another, as if the person in front of me were actually myself. For example, if someone hurts my child, I feel personally offended, although my child and myself have separate bodies. This analogy also applies to Gilgulim, but at distinct levels. " 

2. Does the soul feel afflicted when it is divided into several bodies and identities?

"No, we assess spiritual characteristics according to material criteria, but on a metaphysical level, the system operates differently. The soul does not suffer when it is in Gan Eden, nor when one of its sparks, which was intrinsically attached to it pursues its Tikkun. The part which comes down to this world is the part that needs repairing. "During Adam Harishon fault, the soul of the latter was divided into 600,000 original distinct souls. Today we have more than 600,000 Jews, because their souls are still divided. When a particular soul descends unto the earth, it comes down in a state of incompleteness, because the fault of Adam Harishon constitutes a congenital defect in the soul of man; in addition to other mistakes, such as the sin of the Golden Calf, and so on. That same soul has performed Mitzvot, and repaired wrongs. It may have been partially successful in repairing its original fault, but not completely, and it may of course have caused harm. After several decades, man leaves this world. What happens then? The soul is divided - the part that was perfected in the first Gilgul rises into the world of souls, and the part that failed to complete a Tikkun descends to earth for reincarnation. The third and final Gilgul descension-- there are only three Gilgulim--, is a component of this same soul, originating from the same place. When the soul is in the upper world, it incorporates two potential halves - male and female. When a boy is born, only the male part of the soul comes down to earth. The female part waits until the desired moment, and sometimes comes into the world earlier. The boy and the girl grow up, until they meet under the Chuppah. This is called a Zivug of the original single soul, what we now call a soul mate. Basically, it's the same soul. " 

3. So which one of our spouses is going to accompany us and stand by our side at the resurrection of the dead, knowing that there are three Gilgulim?

"It is the same spouse, because they have been a couple in every Gilgul. Unless the Zivug was missed due to an excessive selection of partners or as a result of inappropriate behavior, but that is a separate subject. "

4. Which of my three Gilgulim will rise at the time of the resurrection of the dead?

"This is a classical controversy.  Some say that the rising body will include all the parts of the soul that were incarnated in various Gilgulim, and others argue that all three bodies will rise because they deserve compensation for having helped the soul repair itself. They then reach the world of souls, where only bodiless souls reside."

5. At that higher level of consciousness, after meeting all components of our souls, will we know exactly who we were?

" Of course. Today, our soul knows everything, but we are shackled by the limits of the body. One may certainly discover these puzzles, through mediums, hypnosis, etc., although this is not recommended. But in the future, we will know everything, and we will understand many things that we have not been able to grasp in the material world here below.

Rabbi Yigal Avraham - © Torah-Box Account

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