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Scientifically Proven: The Power of Prayer

Published on Sunday January 17th, 2021

It has now been scientifically proven: researchers at the University of Lota in the United States studied the influence of prayer on the brain of religious people and reached profound conclusions. Not only does prayer have a positive influence, but it is also a catalyst that attracts and activates specific areas of the brain that are responsible for happiness.

As part of this investigation, the researchers performed brain scans and examinations on 20 patients in their 20s and 30s, while they were praying for several minutes. Then, these individuals had to describe the feeling they felt while they were praying. Unbelievable: It turns out that in all the patients who reported feeling "overwhelmed", an overactivity of feelings of pleasure and satisfaction was detected in specific areas of their brain,

Dr Jeffrey Enderson, a neuro-radiologist, one of the researchers in the study, says that advanced imaging technology allows researchers "to solve many mysteries of the human body." He adds that the global medical community "is just beginning to see how the brain participates in spiritual activities done by humans," and he said that it will take years and new scientific studies to identify the parts of the brain that are involved in these actions.

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