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Jewish Thinking

Teshuva Should be Done Step by Step, You Will Get There!

Published on Monday January 13th, 2020

Instead of losing hope in the long road ahead, let's go step by step to reach our goal.

Gilad enters the synagogue, exhausted. All day, he worked with different clients. He is a technician for a large firm, and he has to travel from city to city to repair refrigerators.

He prays with all his strength and he thanks Hashem for all the kindness he enjoys while hoping to be in a better shape next time.

His eyes rest on the synagogue's immense library. "There are so many books," he thinks deep inside him, "How can I learn all this? I will never be a scholar in Torah, apparently, it's not for me!''

An old Chinese proverb says the following: "A journey of several hundred kilometers begins with one small step." If you think how am I going to walk hundreds of miles, you will never end your trip. All great things start with a small action. Rome was not built in a single day and nor was the Great Wall of China!

Even the Israeli Air Force, considered one of the best aviation units in the world, began its first steps with a limited number of light aircraft. During the first air attack, one of the four pilots, Adi Cohen (may Hashem avenge his blood) was killed.

In order to serve Hashem, we must take the example of the Chinese saying and the Israeli air force. Gilad is very mistaken when he scans the library and falls into depression.

The best method is to go through the steps, one after the other. Do you have 5 minutes? Why not take the opportunity to learn? After 5 minutes you get back to your work, but as soon as you have another 5 minutes free, open your book again.

With this method, you may be able to finish an entire book. Volume after volume. Take for example the book of Bereishit. Put one in your house and one in the car, and do not forget a bookmark. You arrive 5 minutes early to your appointment? Do you have some free moments at home? Why not take the opportunity to study and get closer to learning the next volume!

After some time, you will arrive at the unexpected satisfaction of having completed the book of Bereishit!

So why wait? And don't forget: every little step will allow you to reach the goal that is several hundred kilometers away.

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