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Jewish Thinking

Why Should a Rav Always Decide for Me?

Published on Sunday January 12th, 2020

The Ramchal (Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato) describes the Garden of Confusion as a complicated labyrinth composed of shrubs that grow next to one another and form real walls, "living barriers." The kings and nobles used to plant such shrubs in their courtyards thus created paths that intertwined with one another. When their guests came to visit their estates, they organized a sort of competition, challenging them to cross the labyrinth in a short space of time. Whoever passed in the middle of these bushes, did not have an overview of the labyrinth. He could only see where he was and had no way of knowing which was the right path for him to take to escape from the maze.

But if another person stood on a raised platform outside the labyrinth, the whole garden was spread before his eyes, and he would see the way out, and he could guide the person so that he would know which path to take to exit the labyrinth.

We, humans, are lost in a similar labyrinth. The Rabbanim and Talmidei Chachamim, have already crossed it, and are now standing higher up, and they can see the entire picture. They can distinguish the way out, and they can guide us to the right path.

The way to reach the right destination is to consult the great men of our generation and previous generations and to follow their advice. We must ask those who are immersed in Torah, what we should learn, and at what stages it is recommended to make lifestyle changes.

It will be more difficult to overcome hardships for anyone who does not consult the Rabbanim and does not accept their guardianship. Sometimes a person is depressed, a little sad or exhausted from their endless war with the Yetzer Hora (their evil inclination). It is not easy to return to the path of the Torah. This requires enormous effort, and huge forces to cope.

Regularly consulting a Rav is an anchor for stability. The Rav is always there to guide you, comfort you, help you and support you to overcome your bad inclinations.

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