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Help …Forex and the Holiness of Eretz Israel!

Published on Wednesday November 18th, 2020

When Michael emigrated from France to Israel in 2013, it was unexpected that he would fall so low.
His BTS of management in his pocket, and not tied down to anyone, he decided to settle in the land flowing with milk and honey. After five months of learning Hebrew in Ulpan, he moved to Tel-Aviv, hoping to find work quickly. Unfortunately, with his poor Hebrew, he had to take on several jobs for which the minimum wage of 25 shekels (around six dollars) an hour, which was far from his daily needs.

One day, when he was reading the Classified, he read this offer in French: "become traders and gain 8500 shekel a month plus commission - training provided” Without hesitating, he applied and was hired.

His job was to call people in France and to persuade them to "invest" in a financial product called 'FOREX '.Clients based their money on the increase or the decrease of the rate of the currency on international markets in a given short time. If their predictions were correct, they were making money. If they were wrong, they lost all the money they had placed in this "transaction”.

The priority was to make sure that the customer makes a first deposit, for him to then lose that money. To inspire trust, Michael had to invent himself studies at HEC, years of experience in finance, or even a family life. Everything was good to appease the customer. In fact, the motto of the company was clear: "leave your conscience at the door.”

Initially, Michael was so happy to earn a living that he could silence his guilty conscience. But as the months went by, he felt more and more guilty to ask money from people who appeared to be poor and helpless.

He who had always been honest, how was he found doing this? Can the need to earn a living justify stealing money from others?

His guilt was growing until the day a potential client told him: "you've convinced me, I'm going to invest all my savings. You see, I am in the hospital because I have cancer, thanks to this after my death, my children will lack nothing".

It was too much... He stopped the sale on the spot and resigned from this vast industry.

Since then, Michael has found work. Although it is far from the wage he earned at FOREX, he can now sleep properly knowing that he respects the 8th Commandment: "You shall not steal”. In addition to breaking a very serious commandment of the Torah by stealing the State or individuals, people who fall into those nets cause a significant Chilul Hashem (desecration of the divine name). As our Sages explain, this is one of the only mistakes where there is no repentance possible, except the death of the offender.

Such behavior is disgusting in the eyes of Hashem and cannot in any case be a source of blessing. Although initially, these people are going to win a lot of money, one day or another, the truth will come out.

For these reasons, you must get away from these companies like a plague. And even more than a plague, like a simple physical illness, these illusions can destroy our souls and morality, in short our mission of a Jew on Earth is to bring about Holiness into the world.

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