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Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah

Personal Letter from Hashem Before Rosh Hashanah

Published on Wednesday November 3th, 2021

"My dear child,

I would like to wish you a Shana Tova, a good and sweet year, and I would like to tell you some things that I think you should know at all costs.

When I observe you, I see a being that is very different from the reflection that you see when you look in the mirror. Because you see yourself as you are now. While I, when I observe you, see the being that you can become, and my primary goal is to help you progress from where you are now to where I know that you can reach.

Sometimes you put yourself to the test and you strive to become the being I had in mind when I created you. So, I just watch you, with undisguised pleasure, and guide you gently in that direction.

I orchestrate the events and experiences of your daily life to enable you to fulfill your potential.

Other times, I need to challenge you and to put obstacles in your way to allow you to translate your potential greatness into proven excellence. I know that these moments are sometimes painful, but if I do not put you to the test, you will never deploy your potential. Please, remember that during these times, I am closer to you than ever.

And then, I would like to talk to you about one of my eminent officials. He is the Vice President of the Human Development Department. His name is Yetzer Hara, bad inclination, and he works for me 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Yetzer Hara has a bad reputation, but in reality, he is your best ally. Without him, you would remain a less-than-nothing ad vitam æternam. I gave him carte blanche to challenge you constantly and to confront you with an uninterrupted flow of original tactics, but their only goal is to challenge you to progress and improve. The Yetzer Hara and I have only one goal for each clash you have with him: we both want you to defeat him and show him what you are capable of. Of course, once you triumph over him, I send him back with an even more difficult obstacle to overcome, because that's how you'll become someone exceptional.

I have a good advice to give you: talk to me, as often as possible, and do not think that I only understand Hebrew. No language is unknown to me, so do not hesitate to address me in your own language. And above all, do not wait to be at the synagogue to address me, talk to me at any time of day and night, whatever activity you are engaged in - when you drive, or when you walk in the fresh air. Talk to me before going to sleep. And above all, speak to me on Shabbat. I am always available and I know how to listen to others.

In fact, I understand you better than anyone else (including yourself) because you belong to me and I created you. So, do not act shy, do not feel embarrassed; pour out your heart to me, and I promise you that I will answer you.

And then, do not forget to take advantage of Shabbat; it is a special gift for Me to you.. Turn off your laptop, computer, tablets and other gadgets and enjoy a calm atmosphere, and enjoy all the relationships that matter so much: your relationship with Me, your relationship with yourself and your relationship with all those people who are dear to you. Even if you do not manage to take advantage of all the 25 hours, try to devote at least part of the day to get closer to me.


I'll tell you a secret: I talk to you all the time, but I speak in a low whisper. But with all these sounds that compete with me, this cacophony of noise that surrounds you, my voice goes unnoticed. Find a quiet moment on Shabbat and listen. You will be surprised by what you will hear.

Do not attempt to cross the path of life alone. I would like you to find a mentor who can guide you, teach you and show you how to find Me and come closer to Me. When you have found such a person, attach yourself to him or her and do not let go. Make them teach you and guide you and above all, take their advice to heart.

Simultaneously, try to find a companion who will accompany you during this journey. It will be much easier for you to undertake this journey if you are in good company. In this way, you will both be able to make sure that you stay on track and move in the right direction.

If you have the opportunity, make the effort to come to the place in the world where My presence is most felt; spend some time in Jerusalem, My eternal city, and absorb the wisdom that emanates from its ancient walls.

By the way, Rosh Hashanah is fast approaching. This is the anniversary of the creation of Man, a day when I look again at the Cosmic Piece of human history and write the next scene for the coming year. Think about the great role you would like to take on. I am ready to let you choose any role you would like to play. So see things in big and brush a passionate picture of a being that you want to become next year, and on Rosh Hashanah, instead of counting the pages that remain in your prayer book, speak to Me and let Me know what role you would like to play.

The Book of Life will be opened on this day, and I entrust you with the pen in your hands. Choose life. "

With all my affection,

Your Father who is in Heaven who believes in you and loves you without limit.

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