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5 Facts About Parshat Vayelech that You (Maybe) Didn’t Know

5 Facts About Parshat Vayelech that You (Maybe) Didn’t...

Eytan Yéhouda DZIKOWSKI

Discover and learn every week, "5 Facts" written on the weekly Parshah that you can share at your Shabbos table.

Vayelech: Bringing the Children

Vayelech: Bringing the Children

Rabbi Yehonasan GEFEN

Devarim, 31:12: “Gather together the people – the men, the women, and the small children, and your stranger who is in your cities – so that they will...

Vayelech: Torah Is a Song

Vayelech: Torah Is a Song

Rabbi Lord Jonathan SACKS

Moses’ long and tempestuous career is about to end. With words of blessing and encouragement he hands on the mantle of leadership to his successor Joshua, saying,... Account

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