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Biography of Rav Avi GROSSMAN

An experienced educator and scholar, Rabbi Grossman is the director of the Torah L'Maaseh program at Yeshivat Ramot in Jerusalem, and a senior editor of the Steinsaltz Center''s Tanakh publication project. Rabbi Grossman holds a BS in Biology from Queens College of the City University of New York, an MBA from Jerusalem College of Technology in Israel, and a teaching certificate from the David Yellin Academic College of Education in Jerusalem, and holds rabbinical ordination from Beis Medrash L’Talmud and from Rabbi Abba Bronspiegel.

Classes List (85)

Can a Child Immerse Dishes in a Mikvah?

Thursday June 17th, 2021
Halacha Time video

Sefirat HaOmer: Rabbinical or Torah Commandment?

Sunday June 13th, 2021
Halacha Time video

Acharei Mot: Kappara for the Past and Goals for the Future

Thursday June 10th, 2021
Acharei Mot video

Why Are There Different Opinions in Jewish Law?

Tuesday June 8th, 2021
Jewish Thinking video

Why the Institution of Marriage?

Wednesday May 19th, 2021
Jewish Thinking video

Tazria: Personal Purification Through Sacrifice

Thursday May 13th, 2021
Tazria video

Metzora : Tuma,Tahara and Sanctity

Friday May 7th, 2021
Metzora video

Vayakhel: Building the Mishkan and Keeping Shabbat

Thursday April 8th, 2021
Vayakhel video

Ki-Tissa: The Sin of the Golden Calf and the Mishkan

Friday April 2nd, 2021
Ki Tisa video

Pekudei: The Three Facets of Redemption

Thursday April 1st, 2021
Pekudei video

Why Is Time Sacred?

Thursday April 1st, 2021
Jewish Thinking video

Why Did God Create Man?

Tuesday March 23th, 2021
Jewish Thinking video

Teruma: The Mitzvah to Build the Beit Hamikdash

Thursday March 18th, 2021
Teruma video

Mishpatim: The Essence of The Oral Law

Thursday March 11th, 2021
Mishpatim video

Hilchot Deot: Introduction

Wednesday March 10th, 2021
Torah Learning video

Beshalach: Receiving the Torah in Stages

Thursday February 25th, 2021
Beshalach video

Vayera: Pharo's Hard Heart

Tuesday February 9th, 2021
Vayeira video

Shemot: Moshe and Yosef Are Opposites

Thursday February 4th, 2021
Shemot video

Why Jews Are Not Christians?

Tuesday February 2nd, 2021
Jewish Thinking video

Hilchot Deot Chapter 4, Halacha 18

Monday February 1st, 2021
Jewish Thinking video

Vayechi: Escaping Egypt

Thursday January 28th, 2021
Vayechi video

The History of The 10th of Tevet

Tuesday January 26th, 2021
Fast of 10h of Tevet video

Hilchot Deot Chapter 4, Halacha 15

Monday January 25th, 2021
Jewish Thinking video

Vayigash And The Beginings of Antisemitism

Thursday January 21th, 2021
Vayigash video

Miketz: Yosef's plans

Thursday January 14th, 2021
Miketz video

Chanuka: Antiochus' Decrees

Tuesday January 12th, 2021
Chanuka video Account

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