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Rav Shlomo COHEN

Rav Shlomo COHEN

Biography of Rav Shlomo COHEN

Dayan Shlomo Cohen was born and educated in London, and is currently living in Har Shmuel in Israel with his wife, children and grandchildren. After qualifying as an Accountant in England (ACA) he moved to Israel and studied at Yeshivat HaNegev. After marrying his wife Masha, received Semicha from Rabbi Yitschak Kolitz zt'l the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem and subsequently qualified as a dayan after completing the exams of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. Dayan Shlomo Cohen is the author of Pure Money volumes 1&2(Targum Press), a straightforward guide to Jewish business law, and his current activities include: serving as a dayan on the "Ahavat Shalom" Beit Din for monetary disputes in Jerusalem, Rabbi of the "Ahavat Yisrael" synagogue in Har Shmuel, Dean of the "Avne HaChoshen" Kollel for training dayanim in Har Shmuel, and lecturer on Halacha and Jewish business ethics at a number of Institutes for higher education including Holon Institute of Technology, Sammy Chimoon Institute of Technology, Neve Yerushalayim, Naaleh College (Florida University affiliated) and Midreshet Tehillah.

Classes List (158)

Saying a Bracha When Seeing a Friend After 30 days

Thursday March 12th, 2020
Halacha Time video

The Importance of Pronouncing Words Correctly During Tefilla

Tuesday March 10th, 2020
Halacha Time video

How to Dip Utensils in a Mikvah

Sunday March 8th, 2020
Halacha Time video

Marrying the Sister of One’s Deceased Wife

Wednesday March 4th, 2020
Halacha Time video

Who Fixes a Flat Tyre for a Borrowed Car?

Thursday July 18th, 2019
Halacha Time video

Saying Hashem's Name to Teach Children?

Wednesday July 10th, 2019
Halacha Time video

Is There A Problem of Ribit to Give an Bigger Donation to The Synagogue?

Wednesday June 26th, 2019
Halacha Time video

Walking in Front of a Woman Praying

Monday June 24th, 2019
Halacha Time video

I Forgot to Turn Off the Fridge Light Before Shabbat...

Friday June 21th, 2019
Halacha Time video

Calling Someone by a Degrading Nickname, Allowed?

Thursday June 20th, 2019
Halacha Time video

Ribit: Being Overdrawn And Paying Interests to The Bank

Wednesday June 19th, 2019
Halacha Time video

What are the qualities of a Jewish leader

Wednesday June 19th, 2019
Jewish Thinking video

The Differences Between Regular and Mehadrin Kosher Products

Tuesday June 18th, 2019
Halacha Time video

Saying G-d’s Name in English

Monday June 17th, 2019
Halacha Time video

In Our Times Does a Thief Pay Double as the Torah Says He Does?

Tuesday June 11th, 2019
Halacha Time video

Turning On or Off the Stove on Yom Tov

Friday June 7th, 2019
Halacha Time video

Why do we learn all night on Shavuot ?

Thursday June 6th, 2019
Halacha Time video

I Don't Like Wine Nor Meat: Do I Have to Force Myself on Shavuot?

Wednesday June 5th, 2019
Halacha Time video

Special Customs on Shavuot

Tuesday June 4th, 2019
Halacha Time video

Can I Use Cash that I'm Looking After for Someone?

Sunday June 2nd, 2019
Halacha Time video

Shavuot: Can I Have a Dairy Meal Just Before A Meaty on Shavuot?

Tuesday May 28th, 2019
Halacha Time video

Can One Refuse to Go Up to the Torah in Shul?

Monday May 27th, 2019
Halacha Time video

Do I Have to Sell My House to My Neighbour?

Sunday May 26th, 2019
Halacha Time video

Saying Words of Torah in the Bathroom

Wednesday May 22th, 2019
Halacha Time video

Can a Sephardi Man Wear Ashkenazi Tefillin?

Tuesday May 21th, 2019
Halacha Time video

Can I Hear Music During Sefirat HaOmer?

Thursday May 16th, 2019
Halacha Time video Account

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