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Honoring Parents

Honoring Parents

Respecting Parents: Who is Closer to Monkeys?

Published on Tuesday August 31th, 2021

One day, the Gaon, Rabbi Ya'akov Kaminetski, of blessed memory, travelled by plane from the United States to Israel. Next to him sat the person who was then the secretary of Histadrut, Yerucham Meshel. The Gaon was immersed in his books and Mr Meshel in his own.

After a few minutes, the Rav's grandson, who was accompanying him, appeared. He approached his grandfather, and in a tone full of awe and respect, asked: "Grandpa! Do you need something, is everything okay? Is the seat comfortable? Maybe you want something to drink?'' He showed a sincere interest, and remarkable respect. Mr Meshel noticed. He asked, "Who is this young man? "My grandson," answered the Rav. Mr Meshel sighed: "My grandchildren only know how to ask me for things! They did not forget, before this trip, to give me a detailed list of things they wanted me to buy. Grandpa will buy and will bring back. Grandfather only exists for them when they need something ... Who could dream of such respect and homage? "

"I will explain the difference," said the Rav. "I teach my children and grandchildren that we are the descendants of Avraham Avinu, "the greatest man among the giants", who passed on his inheritance to his children "to keep the ways of Hashem, to do good and justice". At the Sinai Revelation, we received the Torah and since then it has been passed down from generation to generation. Following this event, the children honoured their parents as people who had the merit of hearing the word of G-d from His mouth.

Their children revered them for having known those who heard the divine commandments. This has been perpetuated from generation to generation, and children have always seen their parents as those who convey the message of the Torah and the chain of Jewish tradition. My children and grandchildren respect me as a person who has had the merit of having a connection with the spiritual giants of the previous generation, such as the Chafetz Chaim, the Saba of Slabodka and others.

Conversely, you have educated your children and grandchildren according to Darwin's corrupt theory, for whom life comes from haphazard events, and for whom man descends from the monkey. If so, why should you be honored? In fact, you are in their eyes only a link connecting them to monkeys...You are closer to monkey, and so they are more perfect than you..."

Mr Meshel sighed for the second time ...

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