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Miracle: The Police Car Planned 5000 Years Ago

Published on Sunday November 22th, 2020

An example of diligence in the study of the Torah was given to us by a wealthy factory manager in London. Despite his high position and his many responsibilities, he studied his Daf Hayomi (daily study of a page (front/back) of the Talmud). Regardless of the various appointments and business opportunities that awaited him, he was always among the first to arrive at the course and among the last to leave, before returning to one of his factories.

All of his efforts and devotion to his daily study while being overloaded with activities, did not go by unrecognized to Hashem and he was therefore rewarded for the extent of selflessness that he showed for his study. Mitzvot made with dedication protect us!

Here is the proof. This businessman had a problem one day. Instead of going to his daily class on Daf Hayomi, he had to travel to clear up the hindrance. Not wanting to give up the study of his page of Guemara, he brought with him the audio tape on which the course was recorded that dealt with the page of the day. He settled comfortably in his car, inserted the cassette into the car radio, turned off all his mobile phones and began his journey.

As he was riding, listening carefully to the course, he found himself at one point stuck behind a big, long truck that was moving very slowly. He decided to overtake him by pulling out on the opposite lane, but as he tried to overtake him, he heard the siren of a police car and immediately fell back on his line. He waited a few seconds for the police car to pass him, checked in his mirrors, but there was no car, it was as if the police car was engulfed by the ground.

Much to his astonishment, however, a huge heavy truck, driving at a crazy speed in the opposite direction, suddenly appeared! His body trembled when he realized that if he had not pulled his car behind the long truck when he was about to pass him, he would certainly have been torn to pieces with his car by this huge mass! After breathing again and recovering from the shock, thanking Hashem for rescuing him from a terrible accident, he glanced back in his rearview mirror to see where the police car was, but he still did not see a thing…

When he regained full control of himself, he rewound the tape a little to listen to the part he missed because of the incident and, to his amazement, he heard the police siren again. This time, however, he did not look for the car anymore, and he realized the greatness of the miracle he had just experienced! The tape he listened to in his car had been recorded more than twenty-five years ago! The study house where the recording was made was in the street of Meah Shearim in Jerusalem, and by the time the Rav had given his lecture, the windows had to be opened and when a police car passed by sounding his siren, it was then recorded on the tape of the course.

He then understood the magnitude of the extraordinary miracle which he had just witnessed. The one who resides in Heaven knew of course that tens of years after this recording, our London businessman would try to overtake a long truck and while doing so would crash into the oncoming heavy truck. So He made sure that a police car would pass loudly at the time of the recording of the course that our businessman would listen to with a long time later. This siren allowed him to fall back in extremis and find himself miraculously safe and sound.

It was precisely the course that he could not follow that day that reproduced the sound of this siren. And yet this course dealt with one of the two thousand and seven hundred pages that the Talmud contains!

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