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Purim: The Day of Supernatural Deliverance

Published on Sunday February 21th, 2021

Rav Elimelech Biderman compares the day of Purim to a large treasure of diamonds and gems scattered in the public domain. A man who sees diamonds scattered in the street will certainly do everything he can to collect as many precious stones as possible. One must consider the festival of Purim from the same angle, and use each minute to accomplish precious Mitzvot.

In his speech before Purim, Rav Biderman related sources from great Jewish sages, which highlight the greatness of the divine favor on this day:

1. A Jew is compared to a Kohen Gadol

"On Purim, every Jew has the power of a Kohen Gadol in the Holy of Holies" (Rav Yechezkel Shraga of Shinev).

2. Increasing compassion

"On Purim, there is an increase of divine compassion and favor" (Imrei Noam of Dzikov).

3. Prayers are answered

"On Purim, even the prayers of an individual (without a Minyan) are appreciated and answered by the Holy One, blessed be He" (Pele Yoets).

4. On the morning of Purim ... In the book Segulot Yisrael, it is reported that it is a Segula to get up early on Purim morning and to multiply our prayers and requests to Hashem for sustenance, children, and any other area. Pray also for all our loved ones, for it is a very great day of Divine favor, and the whole world is filled with Divine joy and favor.

5. No obstacles to prayers! "According to tradition, on Purim, a soul can rise to the level of a great Tzaddik without any obstacle, and, likewise, the prayers rise to the "Keter'' (crown) without encountering any obstacle... all this was revealed to me in a low voice, and I began to reveal this secret, moved by my love for my Jewish brothers''. (Rav Yitzchak Yizik of Kamarna in his work Nedavot Pi)

6. Divine moment of favor "Purim is a moment of Divine favor for everyone, and we can ask Hashem to grant us all the aspirations of our heart.'' (Admor of Gur)

7. Moment of Supernatural Deliverance

"Since on Purim the Jews managed to survive despite the death decree that hovered over them, it is a propitious time for changes in nature, even for the barren women who cannot conceive. (Rav Tsadok HaKohen from Lublin)

8. Importance of Torah study on Purim

It is written in the Gemara that "anyone who learns Torah between reading the Megillah in the evening and in the morning, is guaranteed a place in the future world. The Rama writes in his Halachic writings that one must learn Torah before the meal of Purim. This is learned from the verse, "The Jews had the light," which our Sages interpreted as "Light is Torah." A question is reported in the name of the Chatam Sofer: why did the Sages establish two days of Purim? The 14th of Adar for the unwalled cities and the 15th of Adar for the cities surrounded by a wall. The Chatam Sofer writes that it is to guarantee the study of Torah during these two days. He explains, "When the inhabitants of the unwalled cities are busy doing the mitzvot of the day of Purim, the inhabitants of the walled cities will study the Torah and vice versa."

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