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Purim: Why Reveal what G-d has Hidden?

Published on Saturday March 7th, 2020

The essence of the festival of Purim is about revealing what is hidden, as we know from Megillat Esther which means "to reveal what is hidden". Our Sages tell us that the way to do this is through the decree that "man should get drunk until he loses consciousness", and we know that man reveals his most hidden secrets when he is drunk.

We know that Hashem created the world using the name "Elokim", G-d of rigor, which gives extremely precise limits to the world. Therefore, all that is hidden has been created as well. What gives us the right to reveal our secrets on Purim when Hashem deliberately hid the inner reality of each person during creation?

In truth, revealing what is hidden, is the very purpose for which Hashem sent each Jew on earth, and we see that the festival of Purim is celebrated in this spirit of revealing what is hidden.

This command is nonetheless limited. For example, a man who is likely to completely lose control of himself is exempt from the Mitzvah to get drunk, because the purpose is not to exhibit vulgar behavior, but to reveal hidden things that raise a person and bring him closer to G-d, things related to his Neshama.

It is this Neshama, that is present in every Jew, which was hidden by Hashem, and on Purim, man has a duty to reveal all his greatness that he worked quietly on the whole year with the aim of rising and revealing an inner reality.

The Torah reveals to us that one of the essential conditions for greatness and coming closer to Hashem is to show modesty and discretion. This festival where we reveal the greatness of man was made possible thanks to the intervention of Queen Esther, who hid her identity from the king. It is this discretion that allowed her to save all her people.

We understand here that Tsniut, modesty, ordained by the Torah, allows us to hide the lowest dimension of man in order to focus all year on the highest dimension, the Divine dimension, and reveal it once a year on the day of Purim.

Purim Sameach!

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