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Mitzvot in Action

Mitzvot in Action

How to affix a mezuzah?

Published on Tuesday December 29th, 2020

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Video Link : How to affix a mezuzah?

Every Jew has the obligation to hang a mezuzah on every doorway

of his house. A mezuzah is a rolled parchment containing Torah passages, including the Shema Yisrael and other verses referring to the Creator’s unity and love for us.

The Torah promises us that whoever is meticulous about fulfilling this mitzvah will live a longer and more prosperous life.

The Steps:

  1. Choosing a Mezuzah

  2. In Which Room Does One Affix a Mezuzah?

  3. When Do We hang a Mezuzah?

  4. How to Affix a Mezuzah

  5. The Blessing

  6. Kissing the Mezuzah

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