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Mitzvot in Action

Mitzvot in Action

Selling and Searching for Chametz

Published on Thursday April 1st, 2021

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Video Link : Selling and Searching for Chametz

After cleaning the house, car, and office, we need to carefully check by candlelight to make sure there is no chametz left. Chametz is any food made out of wheat, barley, oats, spelt or rye and which has fermented.

We have to be particularly mindful in doing this Mitzvah, as it symbolizes the constant search for our own flaws and ways to improve them.

Selling and Searching for Chametz in 8 Steps

  1. The Sale of Chametz

  2. The Removal and Search of Chametz

  3. When to do the Search?

  4. The Blessing

  5. How to do the Search?

  6. Bitul Chametz-Nullification of Chametz

  7. Biyur Chametz-Destruction of The Chametz

  8. Pesach Out of Town

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