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List of Miracles in Israel: A Light Hidden in the Dark

Published on Wednesday October 13th, 2021

The security situation in Israel is not particularly stable, to say the least. The economic situation is not brilliant either. The Jews are hated by the world, and in Israel they are attacked with a knife. It is well known that it is hard to be Jewish, and that role has never been easy.

But to deny our Jewish heritage is even more difficult. History proves that every time Jews tried to detach themselves from their faith and blend in with the rest of the world they do not meet a happy end...

But before we dwell on a reflection on the destiny of the Jews, it is worthwhile to take a look at the goodness lavished by the Holy One, blessed be He, in the darkness and the persecutions ...

In an article in the Yated Neeman, various examples were reported on the many miracles that take place in this hell, in the endless series of attacks... The mere fact that so many terrorists try every day to kill Jews, almost without success, attests to the presence of a marvelous Divine Providence, and the Creator's help and concern for us. So why does he sometimes kill innocent people among us? We must obviously strengthen each other, all together, and become a united nation.

Below, we present you with quotations taken from the article in question, with some slight modifications:

Thanks to the Merit of a Futile Phone Call

"We were in my parents' house downtown, and we got a call for a wounded man who was about 8 minutes away from their home," recounts Dr. Yafe. It was about a quarter of an hour before the attack and I hesitated with my younger brother, who is also a volunteer (for the rescue services): Should we go or not? We finally decided that we had to go. When we arrived at the scene, we found that the man lying on the road was a homeless person trying to collect money from cars on the street. His condition did not require medical attention.

The police arrived at the scene, and we moved him onto the edge of the sidewalk. We were about to leave when we received a warning message about a gun and knife attack at the gate of Shechem, 500 meters away, and we realized that there was another reason why we had arrived here. From there, I felt a Hand guide me and help me in a miraculous way, which led us quickly to the scene to provide the wounded with essential care necessary for their survival. This "combination of circumstances" and the presence of the police who were with us allowed us to be the first rescue team to arrive at the scene and to begin immediate emergency care. We thus gained precious minutes.

In addition, we had with us medical equipment that allowed us to provide vital care, and it allowed me to carry out this life-saving mission that took place thanks to a fabulous Divine Providence."

The Bus was Emptied "In Honor" of the Terrorists

"Anyone who followed the recent events in Bet Shemesh must have noticed the series of incredible miracles," said Rav Yossi Cohen, resident of Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel. Two terrorists arrived in the central area of ​​the neighborhood, at the most crowded time in the morning, when children walk to school, and when people return from the morning prayer. The terrorists journey began at the place where the largest synagogue in Bet Shemesh is situated, where dozens of congregants were praying. But, for some unknown reason, they passed by and continued on their way.

150 meters before the Kol Yehuda synagogue, at the bus stop of Habakkuk Hanavi, where many people take the bus to Jerusalem, the terrorists got on the bus. The driver asked them where they wanted to go and the two terrorists (from the village of Tsurif, a nest of terrorists), who did not know the place well, answered that they wanted to go to Beth Shemesh...During this time, they scrutinized the bus and noticed that it was almost empty and that they could not carry out their fatal attack; and so they decided to get off the bus.

A woman from the neighborhood saw them at the first bus stop and told her husband by phone that she had seen suspicious people. Her husband asked her to go home and she walked towards the next station. She saw them get off the bus and when the bus arrived at her stop, she asked the driver what they wanted, while sharing her fears. He told her that when they had learned that he was on his way to Jerusalem, they had decided to go down. A quarter of an hour later, her husband phoned her to tell her about the attack. Shocked and shaking, the driver could no longer continue his journey.

"It was a real miracle," said Cohen, "if they had stayed on the bus, they would have seen that it was filling up all the time. The reason they gave up was because of the small number of passengers, a rare phenomenon at this time. You can check with the Eged data: this time is usually peak time, and that day, the passengers were gone, and a disaster was thus avoided."

The Workers were Looking for a Missing Girl

Did anyone question the presence of a group of first-aid rescuers, including more than ten paramedics and caregivers, who "fell from the sky" to treat the severely injured in the bombing at the Gate of Shechem?

Nachum Bernstein, vice-president of Yichud Hatzalah (relief) in Jerusalem, told the Yated newspaper the story of the great miracle: "We were busy that day with a search mission, that had started at 2.00pm, for a girl missing from Meah Shearim. The tense security situation increased fears, and that's why we were a large group looking for her.

Generally, it is rare to find such a large group in one place, but when we received the call for the serious bombing of the Shechem Gate, we were there, and were able to immediately respond to the incident. Each serious casualty required the attention of 3 to 4 paramedics, and the 12 interveners present at the scene were able to divide amongst themselves the critical roles of care: to revive the seriously wounded, to look after the wounded babies, etc. In addition, the missing child was found thank G-d, and the research team set up to find her, helped to heal the wounded.

The Young Child "Stubbornly" Insisted on going to the Synagogue, Attack on the Way to the Kotel

Nachum Bernstein also experienced another remarkable miracle during a Shabbat morning attack, in which two Avreichim (Torah students) were stabbed on the way to the Kotel: "Every Shabbos, at this hour, I'm usually already at the synagogue, far from the scene of the attack, without a motorcycle or medical equipment. This is a very problematic time when most of the volunteers are in the synagogue and are not available'', says Bernstein. ''That morning, I got up at my usual time, but I was unusually  delayed. My five-year-old son, who usually does not accompany me to the synagogue, begged me to come with me. I warned him that waiting for him would make me late, but he stubbornly told me that in his Talmud Torah they were encouraged to go to the synagogue, and on Shabbos he was not ready to give this up.

I could not remain indifferent to his insistence, and I waited for him to get dressed and be ready to accompany me. During this time, I received information about an incident at the Gate of Shechem towards the Kotel, two minutes drive from my home. I immediately changed my program. I was the first to arrive at the scene and to assist the two wounded victims. It was a clear miracle, which can be seen without any effort. If I had been at my usual synagogue, at a distance of 10 minutes from my home, the time it would have taken me to arrive at the scene would have been delayed by at least 12 to 15 minutes, and this time difference is very significant for the wounded. "

When this child will grow up, he will be able to relate the consequence of his "stubbornness".

The Wounded Man who did not Pay Attention, Center of Jerusalem

The third miracle recounted by Bernstein, among the many incidents in which he participated, is the miracle of the exceptional rescue of a Jew in his sixties, lightly injured in the back. The wounded man did not notice that he was bleeding in the back and that he was in danger of death! Miraculously, we spotted him and warned him to seek treatment immediately.

He was very disturbed and traumatized, and he did not understand what was happening to him. Shivering with fear, he had disappeared and he was hiding, petrified, Bernstein remembers.

"It was a miracle that we started asking questions to the injured man. We asked him if he was alone at the time of the knife attack. To our amazement, we realized that the friend who was with him had disappeared, as if swallowed up by the earth. We tried to find him and we eventually discovered him: he was hiding, closed in on himself, and watching the scene without saying a word. His wound was bleeding and he was losing blood, and he seemed detached from everything. It is a known phenomenon of post-trauma, which leads to a kind of shock. This situation could have ended with a loss of consciousness and a great misfortune. We explained to him that he needed urgent treatment. It was then that we realized the magnitude of the miracle he had experienced, thanks to the idea of ​​talking to his friend and thus looking for him and finding him."

An Insomnia that Saved, Bar Lev Street

Sometimes, insomnia leads to a real miracle. Ask Meir From, a volunteer at Yichud Hatzalah in Jerusalem. After a restful Shabbos, he had difficulty falling asleep, and despite all his efforts to sleep, he could not close his eyes.

"At four in the morning, I decided to get dressed and make the most of the fact that I was awake to fill up at the gas station. It was a strange hour, but afterwards I realized that a Hand had guided my steps to save a life and find myself in the right place at the right time, to help another Jew who was in a critical situation. I witnessed a knife attack in which a 15-year-old boy was wounded in the back at the gas station on Bar Lev Street, near the Old City of Jerusalem, not far from where Rav Nehemia Lavi and Aharon Bennett had been murdered, and where his wife and two year old son had been wounded.

I saw the terrorist run up behind the boy and stab him. I had time to call the call center and also to treat him. I realized then that I did not come by chance to get gasoline in the wee hours of the night. The world is led by a Master who directs all events."

The Unlucky Terrorist

Recently, everyone has been talking about precious moments that saved their lives. These are decisive moments, which are the key to failure, or G-d forbid, the success of the attackers. To the police, they are called "golden minutes";  the time that passes until the arrival of the first armed person on the scene, who can fight and neutralize the terrorist. The miracles we see every day are related to these golden moments, the precious time that the attacker loses by making a bad choice, until he decides to shoot or wound with a knife, thus allowing those at his side to get organized to neutralize him.

This phenomenon was seen very clearly in the attack on the rope bridge. A police officer, respectful of Mitzvot and present at the time of the attack, told us about the incident: "I was in my van on patrol on Kanfei Nesharim street when I was informed of the attack. In less than a minute, I arrived at the scene, but thank G-d, my presence was not necessary. A group of Magav soldiers had already managed to neutralize the "unlucky" terrorist, who had tried to carry out a stabbing and shooting on the 187 bus. 'There were real miracles that prevented a disaster', explained the policeman. 'The terrorist who was traveling on the bus and was looking for the moment to attack chose the most untimely moment, when the bus was waiting by the bus stop under the rope bridge, where a large number of security forces were stationed.

He chose bad timing, when the bus was really next to the police. He managed, however, to steal a policeman's weapon, but as 15 to 20 policemen were stationed there, they managed to hurriedly get onto the bus, and easily control and neutralize the terrorist in a few seconds, avoiding a catastrophe''.

He could have waited for the bus to advance in the middle of a busy road, in a crowded location, which police and security forces would have struggled to access, and all would have ended otherwise. But it was decreed in Heaven, that he was to make a decision, which from his point of view was hasty and foolish: to try to perpetrate his misdeed in a place where he had no chance of success.  In my opinion, this is miraculous. I saw it with my own eyes."

Elite Units Arrived by Chance

The series of miracles also affected Kiryat Gat. If you remember the terrorist attempt, in which the terrorist had entrenched himself in an apartment, one can identify, one by one, the miraculous elements in this prodigious rescue of the residents of the apartment, the neighbors of the building and the rest of the inhabitants.

The terrorist, armed with an M-16,which he had just stolen from a soldier, discovered too late that he could not use the apartment in which he had entrenched himself, because he had forgotten to seize the cartridges. This was just the beginning. Indeed, the special forces that arrived at the scene and neutralized him should not have been there at that time. One of the residents testified: "They were police officers who had finished their day's work in the South and found themselves in the neighborhood thanks to Divine Providence. They should not have been in the area. One of them had come to visit family and the second had accompanied him. It was not policemen on patrol, but a member of an elite force. They were really the best people, who were not sent to the scene by mistake, but to perform a miracle for all the inhabitants of the place."

The Class was Canceled, the Avreichim were Saved

The series of miracles that took place during the attack on Malchei Yisrael street deserve an article in itself, in particular because it was committed only a few meters from a major seminary for girls! Half an hour earlier, hundreds of girls were heading towards the school. One hour earlier for sure, and we shudder to think about the horrible scene that could have taken place.

But back to this barbarian technician from the telephone company who originally planned to commit an attack in a synagogue filled with worshipers. But on that day, thanks to Divine Providence, following the Rav's trip abroad, the class did not take place and the Avreichim did not leave the place at the usual time. The assailant, who had watched the goings on at the synagogue three days earlier, was disappointed to find that on the day of the attack, the synagogue was quite empty, and he decided to change his plan and go to Geula. He had planned a mass attack against dozens of Avrechim, and Hashem, in His goodness, prevented him from realizing his plan. Indeed, the losses could have been much larger, but also the time of intervention of the security forces and rescuers in the place which was not in the center of town, would have been much longer, and the consequences, far worse.

Each Bullet Targets a Specific Victim

Let us end with the miracle which is repeated with each attack, but which is not the object of general attention. We are all witnesses of the incessant attempts to kill as many people as possible;  to offer "merchandise" to terrorist organizations, who expect "good results" as they shamelessly describe it. But in each case, the protective G-d of the Jews sends men armed with courage who react quickly and manage to deceive the enemy, gain time, and reduce the impact of the attack.

This miraculous phenomenon takes place under the astonished eyes of security officials: dozens or even hundreds of specific bullets have been fired by inexperienced or trained civilians, who are not used to shooting daily. However, almost all the bullets fired reached their goal by targeting the right person: the terrorist.

Have you thought what would happen if a ball thrown by a trembling, inexperienced hand would have hurt and injured someone else? The fact that hitherto, generally speaking, attempted attacks have resulted in one-off successes, is a miracle in itself. We must thank and record it in the book of miracles, a mark of our faith and our gratitude, for all future generations.

May we see Your miracles every day, without it being necessary to enlighten us in the darkness.

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