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Twin sisters married to twin brothers give birth to two baby girls 20 minutes apart!

Published on Wednesday October 6th, 2021

This had never been heard of before, simply because this exceptional phenomenon had never occurred anywhere in the world: female twins - born 20 minutes apart - married twin brothers - born approximately 20 minutes apart, gave birth to two baby girls, born 20 minutes apart. In the Breslov Hasidic Yeshiva of Yavniel, it is believed that this is a prodigy, no less than the blessing of the Yavniel's Tsaddik, Rav Eliezer Shlomo Yehuda Shik, who passed on recently.

The story began a few years ago when twin brothers registered at Rav Shik's yeshiva in Yavniel. One day, the Rav summoned the twin brothers and told them that he had two extraordinary Shidduchim to suggest. The Rav introduced them to twin sisters and the couples were married four days apart.

Both couples' families explain that after participating in a public meeting, held by the Rav, the latter announced to the girls' mother that she would become a grandmother "almost instantly". "I did not understand what the Rav meant, until much later," says the grandmother. She said nobody had been informed that her twin daughters were pregnant.

It turned out the twin girls were pregnant and due to give birth naturally without any type of medical intervention. "I had to shuffle from one labor room to the other," says the overjoyed grandmother. The news made noise in the entire building of the Laniado Hospital in Netanya. Doctors and nurses rushed en masse to the delivery rooms of the labor ward to witness first-hand the miracle that had taken place for the very first time in history: an absolute prodigy, never heard of before, anywhere in the world!

They searched the internet to check out whether a phenomenon of this kind had ever transpired in the past. Their research proved that no such thing had ever been registered. A similar and interesting case drew their attention nevertheless: in 2013: two American male twins married two female twins and one of the couples gave birth to twin boys.

"Baruch Hashem, thanks to the tzaddik blessing, my brother and I and our loyal wives, earned the merit of holding our first daughters in our arms," says Niv, one of the brothers. According to Niv, this was definitely a Ness Galui, a revealed miracle. Such a thing has never been witnessed in the entire world. "We chose to give birth in the Laniado Hospital, as our Rav recommended, because the Admor of Sanz built this hospital with exceptional Messirut Nefesh". And this is how two delighted couples left the hospital, each with a baby girl in their arms, heading for home at the same time.

Mazal Tov!

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