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Thanks to Rav Steinman, Doctors Donned Tefillin for the First Time

Published on Wednesday June 9th, 2021

An interesting story, which speaks volumes about the spiritual strength of the Rosh Yeshiva during his period of hospitalization, was revealed.

The director of the emergency department, Professor Eliyahu Sorokin, is a Chabad Chassid, who, alongside his great professionalism in the medical field, makes great effort to spread Judaism and Yiddishkeit to his surroundings.

One day, Sorokin asked one of the best doctors present in his department - far removed from tradition and religion - to put on Tefillin.

The doctor, a specialist in infectious diseases, who had been involved in treating Rav Steinman; told Sorokin that he was ready to done Tefillin, provided that he had the privilege of putting on the Rosh Yeshiva Tefillin.

Sorokin spoke to Rav Steinman's relatives to ask permission.

Rav Steinman agreed on the spot, and this doctor, who was putting on Tefillin for the first time, had the privilege of putting on the Rosh Yeshiva Tefillin.

Following this, other doctors also agreed to put on Tefillin, including a cardiologist and a doctor in the emergency department. Thanks to the Rosh Yeshiva Tefillin, there are Jews who are no longer in the category of those who do not wear Tefillin, and thus a great Kiddush Hashem was created.

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