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I Am Lacking Emotion and Vitality in My Judaism

Published on Tuesday September 7th, 2021

One of the necessary elements in the Divine Service is to learn to use one of the means that Hashem has put at our disposal; that of emotion/feelings. For example, how is it possible that a man who possesses fear of Heaven and prays pronouncing every word accurately, but yet he feels nothing and his heart remains empty and his soul feels no enthusiasm. What is missing from this man? It seems like it is feeling.

Here Are Some Tips to Restore Your Feelings in Spirituality:

For man to acquire "vitality" in his Divine Service, he has to speak with Hashem and plead: "Master of the world, I need you, I would like to ask you that all the sick be healed, grant me the understanding of Your holy Torah and allow me to cleave to it …”
When a person begins to study a Torah passage, he has to remember the verse "I will always place Hashem before me" and he must think that G-d renews creation and allows the world to exist because of the merit of the Torah. When he opens a sefer to study, he has to imagine that the King of Kings is coming, as it is said: "Wherever My name will be mentioned, I will come to you and bless you".

At the time of prayer, a person has to imagine that Hashem takes every word he utters and places it as an adornment for His crown.

We would now like to bring some of the ideas contained in the book Acharat HaAvrechim which aims to reinforce imagination and feeling in the Divine Service, in order to stimulate our enthusiasm:

When studying Torah, imagine that at that moment, a huge fire surrounds you and that the seven heavens open like at the giving of the Torah.

When performing Mitzvot, imagine that angels appear and create an envelope of holiness around you.

Imagine that before you stands a very high fire that reaches the sky and breaks your nature by throwing it into that fire in the name of divine holiness.

Before praying, imagine that you are in the Beit HaMikdash, facing the Mizbeach (alter).

Rav Wolbe writes in his book Aleh Shur: "He will imagine that he himself is at the bottom of Har Sinai with the six hundred thousand souls of Israel, the mountain is surrounded by a flame that reaches the sky and Moshe Rabbeinu is standing at the summit. He begins to hear the first commandment by prophecy, but he feels so frightened that he faints and it is only the resurrection dew of the root of the Torah, that rests on him that brings him back to the life.

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