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Fauna and Flora: Who Created These Billions of Coincidences?

Published on Monday October 18th, 2021

The fur of the Arctic hare is white in the winter; and its colour is therefore camouflaged with the snow. In the summer, its fur is brown, and it becomes invisible on a background of vegetation. This animal's fur therefore changes according to the season, and its colour is adjusted precisely according to the season. Only a person who deliberately refuses to open their eyes can ignore the obvious intentions that this phenomenon reveals.

It is interesting to observe that violets pollinated by the wind are all dark colors, because the wind does not distinguish between colors, because it does not to in its function as pollinator. On the other hand, insect-pollinated violet flowers have vibrant colors, in order to attract insects. Again, the purpose of such a difference is obvious!

The croquet creates stridulations by rubbing the tip of one of its wings on a sort of “grater” of more than 200 strata lying on another wing. At the bottom of the wing is a small chitin amplifier, stronger than steel (chitin is the constituent substance of the insect's skeleton). This amplifier allows the stridulating to be heard up to a kilometer and a half away. The US Navy laboratory in New London, Connecticut, has used the principles of this natural amplifier to develop powerful signal systems.

The cricket is equipped with the most amazing tools to produce sounds. It has two membranes, one on each side of its stomach. They are controlled by elytra that act as vaults to amplify or lower the volume. Each membrane has a drumhead, an amplifier, a "mixer", and a small channel providing the air needed for sound transmission. This assembly allows the production of a very common sound in all the fauna. Each case is a most wonderful program and of a precise complexity.

A fowl, known as the ''Australian hen" uses an incredible thermometer. This chicken, whose appearance is similar to that of a turkey, has a natural thermometer in its beak. The birds of this species incubate their eggs in the middle of a pile of decaying plants. Every few minutes, the chicken plants his beak in the compost pile and checks the temperature. When the temperature rises above 33 degrees, the bird digs a hole in the compost pile to ventilate the eggs. Eggs are kept at an optimal temperature until they hatch.

How do the believers of the evolutionary theory explain these phenomena? According to their classical theory of random mutations, they justify these phenomena as simple coincidences. Except that the probability of such a coincidence is one in billions of billions! And even if we suppose that a particular animal did "develop" such sound devices, how could it be that such a coincidence was repeated in so many animals, especially since most of these species are from similar 'families!'

These evolutionary explanations go against all logic, and cannot satisfy the mind of any sensible person ...

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