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The Apple's Peel – A Wonderful and Perfect Wrapping

Published on Tuesday August 10th, 2021

The peel of an apple is a much more sophisticated wrapping than any man-made packaging could ever be. It contains an oil that makes the fruit waterproof. It is not damaged by heavy rains, falling during the long winter months leading to the apples' growth and ripening. This oil has an intoxicating fragrance, which arouses the desire to eat the fruit.

Likewise, the apple peel's color indicates the fruit's stage of ripening. While the skin is still green, it is evident that the apple is not yet consumable. When it blushes, so to speak, this indicates that it is ripe and ready to be eaten. But the apple's palette of hues plays an additional role: awakening the senses and appetite of the person contemplating the fruit. Indeed, its main "selling point" is its external appearance.

So, let's take a moment to consider the characteristics of the apple's perfect packaging:

1) It is waterproof.
2) Its hues vary to indicate the stage of the fruit's maturity.
3) Its appearance stimulates the appetite.
4) It has an intoxicating scent.

The peel's hues have varying roles in the maturation process.  When the apple is ripe, it is as if it were calling to be consumed before rotting. So, its peel is at its peak at this precise moment of ripeness, neither before nor after. Clearly, the fundamental purpose of the creation of the apple is that it be consumed, whether or not someone has the desire to do eat it.

1. In addition, the fruit has a very useful stem, anchoring the apple to its tree.

2. This peduncle is like a tiny drip system, providing water for the apple's growth and carrying useful minerals from the earth to the maturing fruit.

Even if some day men were able to extract these minerals from the soil and infuse them into the fruit, they would need huge and complex pieces of machinery to this end. Not a tiny peduncle such as this one.

Doubtlessly, such an intricate and wise system, which transforms minerals into consumable fruit is devised and driven by an engineer of superior intelligence.

But the fruit's stem is also remarkable for an additional reason. It only holds the fruit until it reaches maturity. As soon as the fruit is ready to be eaten, the stem loses its vigor, allowing the fruit to be picked easily. This useful detail is additional proof, that fruit was created to be eaten. Let's also observe the juices contained within the fruit. When we slice an apple, its juices do not burst out and flow in vain. The apple's juice and flesh are ingeniously intertwined, so man can open the fruit without spilling its juice. Its sugar content and acids are harmoniously mixed into a perfectly beautiful ripe fruit, whose taste is neither too acidic nor too sweet.

Therefore, the apple may be appreciated according to its ripening stage. It's as if, as it matured, the apple could literally speak and say: "Come and eat me and bon appetit!"

The seeds of the apple are stored in an internal pocket, protected by rigid walls made of a material that strangely resembles plastic. Thus, the seeds are protected from the acids present in the fruit's juice. This prevents them from being consumed with the fruit itself, because the seed storing walls resist chewing. Each seed lies inside a hard, skin-like envelope that protects it.

We have discovered a juicy food wrapping, organically grown on a tree. And after enjoying its taste and scent, we discover a "coupon", granting a "bonus" to any lucky finder. Indeed, the seeds rejected by the eater are scattered on the ground to ensure a future and abundant supply of new fruit. Thank you, Superior Wisdom, for foreseeing this process from beginning to end and leaving no detail to chance!

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