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The Explosive Ladybird....

Published on Sunday December 13th, 2020

A beetle, with a size of 7 to 10 mm, has a unique explosive device. When the enemy attacks it, a controlled explosion emanates from its body. In its rear part is a pair of ducts from which emerge two jets of a boiling and foul liquid that reaches the enemy and paralyzes it for a while. At the moment when this defense mechanism comes into operation, we hear a characteristic explosion, hence the name of this insect: the bomber.

A German scientist has studied the explosion mechanism and discovered glands in the body of the insect: they produce two different materials that happen in two pockets and mix. These materials are concentrated hydrogen peroxide and a solution of hydroquinone, which can create an acute and energy-releasing reaction. The insect produces all these materials separately, and the mixture is pumped from the glands to the "launch pad" with a little muscle and a high resistance to pressure and high temperatures.

When the ladybug detects a danger, it discharges an enzyme (a form of protein) that creates an acidic reaction between materials, and a jet of hot hydrogen peroxide is sprayed while a sound is clearly heard, to such an extent that a microphone can record it. Expert tests will show that beetles can spray a series of small, fast explosions at a rate that can reach 50 times per second.

Consequently, the ladybug produces four different chemicals. Each of them has a specific and unique composition, corresponding precisely to the coordinated action between them.

In which university did it study chemistry? How did it build in its body the proper chemical storage locations and blast cells that give exactly the right amount of pressure? And how does it know how to carry out the explosion in a precise and controlled way? If it was too strong, the ladybug itself would explode; if it was too weak, the jet would not be enough. How did it design the exact timing to accomplish all these complicated steps, to work with this incredible efficiency that in just one second, it can repulse the enemy who attacks it? Here we see very clearly the “hand” of the celestial will...

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