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Insects and Their "Radar Jammers"

Published on Sunday November 15th, 2020

Bats detect their prey using ultrasound. The signal hits the surrounding objects, and bounces back to the bat giving it a clear picture of its surroundings and the exact location of its prey. In turn, many insects are equipped with incredible devices to escape bats.

The praying mantis, called "Solomon's Camel", has a natural radar located in the center of his chest just like adult anteaters, the American cricket or the ringworm. These insects have the ability to detect the bat’s signals and conceal themselves. The device of another insect called the "Zeuzera pyrina" (as known aa the wood leopard moth because of it’s spotted wings) is even more sophisticated: it includes a radar jammer emitting ultrasounds that disturb the sonar of the bat or repel them with a disgusting odor.

The domestic cockroach (the infamous Israeli "Djouk") has a vibration detector located within its paws, which allows it to detect the smallest of movements in its surroundings. He therefore is always warned when someone approaches, and easily escapes his pursuers.

Most insects have such protective devices. Ants, for example, use the flapping of their paws to call their peers. When one of their underground tunnels collapses, the ants trapped in the avalanche drum on the walls and call for help. Their companions are therefore able to detect very quiet noises in a surrounding that is covered with up to 5 centimeters of earth, and thus help the trapped "workers".

Similarly, termites are used to dig trenches. The channels connects their nest to their food source. They dig these tunnels so no birds of prey can detect them. Predators that dig however are still a threat though. So with the slightest vibration that can be linked to a intruding predator, the termites tap on the ground as if playing the drum. The sound produced is an alarm signal that warns all termites during their search for food, before disappearing in the tunnels and their nest.

There is no doubt that only a fool could say that all these sophisticated systems are the result of chance. It is obvious that everything was created by a superior intelligence that takes care of all the details.

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