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Counting of the Omer

Counting of the Omer

How Does One Count the Omer Wisely?

Published on Sunday May 17th, 2020

This is the story of two childhood friends, one intelligent and one foolish; they studied together during their childhood. Once they became adults, their paths separated, the intelligent friend went into business where he grew successfully, whilst the other did nothing. One day the two old friends met up, the fool asked his intelligent friend: please reveal to me your secret! How did you become so wealthy?

His old friend answered; from time to time I travel abroad where I buy merchandise that I bring here and with the money that I receive from the merchandise I sell, I sustain my needs.

The fool was surprised, are you considered an intelligent man?
What do you gain by selling all that you buy abroad? In reality, you remain with the exact same amount of money and without any merchandise? the intelligent friend explained to his foolish friend that he bought the merchandise at a good deal and then he sold it at a higher price, he was then left with more money than what he began with, this is what my salary is based on.

The fool still unsatisfied continued you must have had expenses when you traveled, your stay at the hotel, participating in the fairs, etc. isn’t the money you gain spent on all those expenses? In other words, what are you gaining by constantly traveling?

With no choice left his friend took out a little notebook where all his expenses and his incomes were written, he showed him in detail here are my expenses and here is my income, and here is the most important line what I gain in total at the end.

After hearing that the fool continues in his foolishness if you explained that the essential lies in the bottom line, why do you bother to travel so far away, leave your home, just take your book fill in what you want to gain, and everything will fall into place.

We can take this parable to give us a deeper understanding of the Omer:

Every day of the Omer we must remember that the days we are counting are towards accepting the Torah (kabbalah HaTorah), we, therefore, devote ourselves to Torah study, and perfection of our Middos, each and everyone in their personal domain. At the end of every day, we do an assessment today is this and this day of the Omer, am I in my personal life approaching Har Sinai? Counting the Omer loudly in Marriv is not sufficient. This attitude resembles the fool, who thinks one can modify results by changing the information in the notebook.
In this case, when he counts at the end of the day “today we are … of the Omer”

The essential is lacking, the counting is hollow, we must count every day with more “baggage” than the previous day (we are not coming to look down on the fact he still accomplished the Mitzvah.

To bring the words of R’haim Pallaggi in his book Bet Moed Lekol Chai in the name of Shlame Chagiga, from the Igeres Harambam and from our sages

During the time of the Omer, when the Cohanim give their Bracha we say “Lamnatseach Bineginot” in the form of the menorah, it’s a wonderful Segoulah for success in all domains and for protection during the day.
R’Eliyahu Hacohen in his overage Shevet Hamoussar:
Brings down that this Minhag is mentioned without precizing, in particular, the period of the Omer, seemingly according to him this Minhag applies all year round.

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