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A Mezuzah of Disproportionate Dimensions

Published on Wednesday August 18th, 2021

You may have noticed a mezuzah of disproportionate dimensions, located at Terminal 3 of Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. It welcomes travelers upon arrival to the Holy Land, at the entrance of the passport control hall. Despite its unusual dimensions (more than a meter high), it has now been surpassed to be the second biggest mezuzah in Israel.

A larger model, the so-called "world's largest Mezuzah" was set at the entrance of the Kotel Hamaravi esplanade (Western wall) by Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, the site's manager.

Its bronze support, measuring approximately 1.40 meters high, 25 cm wide and weighing nearly 40 kg, was inspired by the artist Salvador Dali, a friend of the donor. As for the 60 cm long parchment, it was written by Rav Zalman Mikhachvili and checked to make sure of its Kosher validity. It may be seen and kissed by nearly a million Jews and non-Jews alike, which are expected for the upcoming holidays.

Rabbi Rabinovitch said: "Apart from the fact that we are commanded to set a Mezuzah for halakhic reasons (practical Jewish law), the presence of this wonderful Mezuzah will remind every Jew of his/her obligation to conform to the yoke of heaven and the fulfillment of the mitzvot (commandments). "

World records are always enticing, yet sometimes they arouse an unhealthy curiosity, bordering on a type of "voyeurism", if not outright contempt for Jewish observance.

But when it comes to mitzvot, the idea is not to look for superlatives and world records. In this perspective, anything we do to boost Kavod Shamayim (the honor of Heaven) is greatly appreciated!

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