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Beware of Missionary Tallit and Tzitzit Sold on the Internet!

Published on Tuesday May 28th, 2019

Caution! Even if you like to shop online, do not fall into the trap of buying a Tallit or Tzitzit anywhere on the Internet. Recently, a seller, Jinjin.QC Official Store, appeared on the Chinese sales site, Ali Express: offering Tallitot and Tzitzit for sale at a minimal price of 20 dollars. Now, not only are these Tallitot, not Kosher, but they are missionary Tallitot. Even if, at first sight, it is difficult to notice, by examining them closely, one can see a Christian blessing written in Hebrew!

The verse is Christian, speaking of Jesus as the Messiah. It seems that the Tallit sellers are not innocent. They are targeting Jewish audiences, nobody else buys them as a fashionable object. Today, many people shop on the Internet, and naïve people can fall into this trap and wear these Tallitot.

The organization Yad Leachim responded to this case as follows: "These Tallitot are specifically made by men from the Christian sect of Messianic Jews, in order to attract Jewish customers.

In the past, we have been confronted with different Judaica product stores for tourists who have sold these Tallitot, and we worked to have these products disappear from the shelves. We hope that this time too, we will be able to explain to the Chinese website officials that this is a deception by a dangerous sect, and this innocent product is meant to serve their harmful purpose."

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