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Kiddush Hashem- He Gave Back 130,000 Shekels to Its Owner…

Published on Monday September 13th, 2021

A few days ago, an irreligious journalist published a moving article in which he wrote that a young man returned to him a very large sum of money. The man reported that he lost a bag containing 130,000 shekels (36,000 USD) in cash at a bus stop in Haifa. Half an hour later, he came back, dazed, fearing that his bag has disappeared. "I thought I would need a miracle to find the bag."

"When I arrived at the bus stop, I saw a young haredi (religious) man sitting on the bench, and he asked me if he could help me. I told him my story and he told me his: "I arrived here 25 minutes ago and saw the bag. I opened it and found a large amount of money. I decided that I would wait a quarter of an hour, and if the owner of the bag did not show up, I would leave a sign with my cell phone number so that the owner would be able reach me.

After a quarter of an hour, no one showed up. I thought to myself: Since I live in Jerusalem and maybe the owner of the money needs it quickly, I will wait a bit longer. I recited a chapter of Tehillim for him to come quickly, and less than ten minutes later, you turned up”. The young man then asked the journalist to describe the bag to verify that he was the true owner, and he returned to him the full sum.

"Until the moment I had finished counting the money, I could not believe that I had found it, I was sure that I would never see it again. (Until then, I had been very anti- religious, but that is now over). I wanted to offer the young man a nice amount of money as a reward, but he firmly refused, saying it was his mitzvah", recounted the owner, visibly moved.

Interviewed on an Israeli radio channel, the young man, Nechemia Indrorski, a Belzer Chassid, a 19-year-old student of the Belz Yeshiva, said that thoughts had crossed his mind: he would be able to use the money for noble causes, such as giving maasser, etc., but he quickly removed these thoughts, thinking that the money did not belong to him, and that its owner needed it.

Nechemia decided to wait another quarter of an hour. "I said to myself, Master of the world, I have overcome this ordeal, now, You must do Your part and send me the owner of the bag," he related.

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