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Rav Kanievsky: “Be Careful, Every Word You Say Has An Impact on Reality!”

Published on Tuesday June 11th, 2019

Day after day, countless problems are submitted to Rav Chaim Kanievsky in Bnei Brak, and all the sick of the Jewish people are mentioned and blessed, so that Hashem will heal them.

Recently, a man came to visit the “Prince of Torah” and asked for a blessing for his mother who was extremely ill. Rav Chaim gave him a blessing for quick and full recovery.

This Jew did not stop there, he added: “I am ready to take the illness and the sufferings of my mother instead of her, provided that she wouldn’t suffer. I can no longer bear seeing her suffer like that!”

Rav Kanievsky heard these words and replied with shock: “G.d forbid! Don’t talk like that! Rather say that you make the decision to study the Torah for her and, with G.d’s help, that will help.

While this man was walking out, a broken man came in. You could see in his eyes that it was a long time since he had not been sleeping. He explained to Rabbi Chaim that a week earlier he wanted to take a day off work, but he couldn’t find a good reason for making this request to his boss. Then, in his distress, he called his manager and told him that his grandmother had suddenly died and therefore he had to leave. The manager, of course, expressed understanding and allowed him to take leave.

It so happened that, less than 48 hours later, his grandmother suddenly passed away! He said she was a strong woman in the prime of life. Since then he had kept tormenting himself, and his conscience had given him no respite from having caused her death through his words. How could he repair this grave harm?

Rabbi Chaim did not try to calm him down, but on the contrary spoke to him severely: “You have not done well, you have made a great mistake! It is forbidden to say such things: what we say has an impact on reality. Now, focus on studying Mishnayot every day until the end of the year of mourning, for the elevation of her soul.

When he went out, the Rav looked up, scanning the room: “Where is the man who wanted to take his mother's illness? Tell him again how careful we have to be with words…”

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