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Story: The Jew Buried in a Christian Cemetery

Published on Tuesday February 23th, 2021

Members of the family of a lone Jew, who was mistakenly buried in a Christian cemetery in the center of the country, had recurring strange and disturbing dreams about their loved one. Initially, they did not pay much attention, as they thought that the dreams were accidental. But the dreams kept recurring. They then understood that there was a good reason for this.

When members of the family began to investigate, they discovered that their deceased relative buried in a Christian cemetery was actually Jewish. Two days later, the family appealed to the Zaka Association and begged them to take their loved one out of the Christian cemetery and transfer him to a Jewish cemetery in order to bury him properly.

When the Zaka volunteers went to the cemetery, they were amazed to see that the deceased was resting between graves with crosses. The volunteers considered carrying out their mission to go and move the body of the deceased, but it was a stormy day and the weather was very bad.

They consulted with Rabbi Yaakov Rosa, the rabbinic council chairman, who told them that they had to do everything possible to get the deceased out of this non-Jewish cemetery, regardless of the difficult weather conditions.

The team of Zaka volunteers, led by Berl Jakobowicz and under the direction of Rav Daniel Stern, son of the famous Dayan Rabbi Shmuel Eliezer Stern, equipped with specialized equipment, arrived early in the morning at the Christian cemetery and had to face the storm, strong winds, and heavy rain.

Yet when they started digging, it was as if an order had been given for everything to stop. The windows of heaven closed, and there was not a single drop of rain during the two hours that they worked to unearth the deceased. At the end of the work, one minute after carrying the body into the Zaka ambulance, the heavens opened again.

The deceased was buried in the Jewish cemetery of Ramle, according to halachic requirements, in the presence of a small Minyan.

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