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Being Organized Is As Valuable As a Mitzvah!

Published on Sunday August 15th, 2021

Although being organized is not a mitzvah per se, tidiness and order are basic traits that help improve a person's character and refine his middot.

Order and organization are not solely outwardly behaviors; they are qualities that influence every aspect of our lives.

Being on top of things and mastering our surroundings, lead to self-mastery. An organized person is usually calm and serene. He or she will keep their composure, even under great stress. Believe it or not, this detachment preserves people from getting involved in futilities.

By contrast, when we act in a state of confusion, not only do we tend to make mistakes, but our mind has a negative impact that we might not even be aware of.

1.     The Mussar Method

  • Write verses related to the issue in a notebook and read them repeatedly.
  • Make sure to go over these reminders throughout the day. (i.e:"a Torah Scholar is always organized".)

2.     The Cheshbon Nefesh Method

  • Make a daily program and stick to it.
  • Maintain an orderly home. It is critical.
  • Take enough time to do each task on your list thoroughly.
  • Make sure your clothes are clean and well kept.

Rabbi Yosef Leib Bloch once gave a life lesson to one of his students who happened to be particularly disorganized.

He asked him to distribute a certain sum of money to each yeshiva student but purposely gave him less money than needed. The student distributed the money and later realized that he didn't have enough for everyone. He thought that he had misplaced some of the  money, being confident that the Rabbi could not possibly have made a mistake. He went back to the Rabbi embarrassingly and confessed that some of the money had probably been lost. The Rabbi asked: "Did you count the sum I gave you?" The student answered negatively. The Rabbi rebuked him and revealed that it was actually his  "mistake" and that it had been intentional, to teach him a lesson about being more responsible.

3.     The Rambam's Method

  • Never leave scattered objects lying around, even for a few minutes. Grow accustomed to putting everything back in its right place.

Redirecting bad tendencies towards improvement

  • A scattered person is neglectful towards his family, and even less so in raising his children.

Transforming bad tendencies into better habits

  • Tell the truth: share your intentions to tidy up a certain area of your home with your spouse. You will feel bound to honor your commitment.

Repairing bad tendencies with other bad tendencies

  • Pride: an organized person is well respected.
  • Greed: pay a fine each time you fail to keep your resolutions.
  • Laziness:  read a certain number of Psalms each time you fail.

4.     The Chazon Ish Method

  • When you experience difficulties, choose a different middah to work on. Its influence will be felt around tidiness.
  • Tefillah: Ask Hashem for help.
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