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Hafetz Haim: “They Have Nothing to Die With”

Published on Thursday June 6th, 2019

One day, a tzaddik who didn’t invest much on making a livelihood, journeyed to a marketplace, hoping to make some money to bring food to his family’s table.

As he came through the door upon his return, his children rushed to him and asked "Dad, what did you bring us?"

The tzadik, surprised by their question, said: "If upon my return from a short journey, your first question is: what did you bring us? then, when I return to the Creator in the heavenly realm, at the age of 120, surely the first question I will be asked will be: “What did you bring us? " What shall I reply? "How will I justify my existence?"

The Hafetz Haim said: "People tend to worry about not having enough capital to live with, while they'd better worry about the fact they might not have enough capital to die with! "

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