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A Greater Miracle than the Iron Dome: the "Divine Dome"

Published on Tuesday April 6th, 2021

Memories. Sunday, June 29, 2014, during Operation "Protective Edge" (Tzuk Eitan) when Israel received dozens of rockets fired in from Gaza, Jeremie D., one of the commanders of the "Iron Dome" called me. He was my student about six years ago. I was glad he called. "Where can we study Torah in Ramat Gan?”, he asked, which made me wonder what had happened because he was very far from practicing Torah and Mitzvot.

"I will be released in a few months, and I want to start studying in a Yeshiva. I saw G-d with my own eyes!” he said.

I asked him what had happened.

"A missile flew in from Gaza. Thanks to the special "Iron Dome" with its precise calculations, we know where the missile would fall with a radius of 200 meters. This missile was meant to land on the big Azrieli Towers, the campus, or on the railroad tracks. How could we not pay attention to this? Hundreds of people were about to lose their lives! We sent a first interception missile, however, it missed. A second missile also missed and the same happened to the third one. This is very rare. Until today, there have been only two similar cases. I was shocked. We had four seconds left before there was no way back and the missile would hit. We had already warned the emergency services - Magen David Adom, the police and firefighters to go there. The emergency procedure of massive attack had been activated," he said without interrupting while I listened.

"Suddenly, without any prior notice, a wind from the East arrived and flicked the missile into the sea. We had no idea where it came from. We were all in shock. I got up and shouted, "There is a G-d, there is a G-d, there is a G-d!"

"I saw this miracle with my own eyes. No one told me or reported it to me. I saw Hashem's hand throwing the missile into the sea! Of course, this was not reported for security reasons (that's why the date is not mentioned), but it's enough to see the miracles that can be seen with one’s own eyes to understand that there is a G-d. I immediately ran to one of the religious soldiers, and I asked him to put the Tefillin. I took it upon myself to start respecting Shabbat, and it was the best Shabbat of my life until, today. I was very moved, and a tear of emotion even fell from my eyes,” he concluded.

Narrated by Rav Ohad Shaked of the Wolfson Foundation and verified by Rav Yehuda Menat, an important speaker of Teshuvah, Israel.

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